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August 13, 2017

My dear children,

Today I come to you as a mother full of love and full of Sorrow.  Full of love because My love and My Hope for You comes from God and it is this love and hope that I wish to give to My children who will accept these gifts from My Immaculate Heart.  Be aware My children of temptations and lies within your world which are not of God.  Be aware My children of all the temptations that come with trying to predict the future.  This is why I come to you today to tell you that only God knows the future of all events of when they will occur and how they will occur.  My children you have the power given by the Eternal Father from My Immaculate and

Sorrowful Heart to change the future.  Children of God this is your inheritance as His children to share in His creative power. It is this creative power that I wish for you to decide upon, to be a partaker in the very “works” of God.  Yes, you must decide to be part of the continuous creation of the world. You must decide to be part of My Army of angels on earth that will carry the sword of truth to change evil to good within the world.  You My children have the power to change chastisements into Grace's.


Yes, You Must Believe. You must have faith. You must decide.


You must have the desire.  You have the weapons I have given you throughout the centuries, weapons of prayer, sacrifice, mortification, and reception of the Sacraments through My Son's Church.  But now My children you also have the gift of the Father's Will.  My Son came to this earth to do the Father's Will.  And now My children, those who desire it through My Immaculate Heart have the power to change the world to be part of the Father's plan and My Son's plan through the power of the Holy Spirit to bring peace to this world which begins with the reign of the Kingdom within your hearts.  This is the true Paradise.  This is where Paradise begins My children.  Put aside your theories, put away your calculations, and do not think ahead of what will happen next.  I ask you, has God created your next moment?  No, He has not and so you must think only of the present and only what He has given you now which is a great gift, the gift of life.  The moment to decide is now My children and the moment to decide again is the next moment that is given to you.  Every moment is a decision.  Every moment is a ‘yes’ to God.  Every moment is a Fiat given to God.  And this is the way you will begin to share in the Era of Peace that is to come through the world and to complete the mission of saving souls throughout the Great Tribulation of the world.  God's love for you is very great, beyond comprehension and will be contemplated forever and ever in Heaven.  I come to you today by the Will of God.  Now I ask you My children to complete the mission of saving souls.  My Son gave all of you this mission when He said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  I come to you by the Will of God.  Now I ask you My children to complete this mission with Me in ushering in the Reign of My Immaculate Heart.

June 30, 2017

When circumstances in life bring us to a point of confusion, pain, despair, hopelessness, please reflect on the words and prayer of the Cross below that is especially meant for us, today and until the day we die.

A Daughter of the Divine Will


Conversation between Luisa Piccarreta and Jesus

V3 – December 2, 1899 – Eloquent Praise of the Cross

“Today I take pleasure in spending time with you Luisa.  Tell Me something.”  And I:  ‘You know that all my contentment is in being with You, and in having You, I have everything.  So, in possessing You, it seems I have nothing else to desire, or to say.’  And Jesus:  “Let Me hear your voice that cheers My Hearing.  Let us converse together a little; I have spoken to you many times about the Cross; today, let Me hear you speak of the Cross.”


I felt all confused; I did not know what to say.  But as He sent me a ray of intellectual light, to make Him content I began to say:  ‘My Beloved, who can say to You what the Cross is?  Your Mouth alone can speak worthily of the sublimity of the Cross; but since You want me to speak, I will do it. 

The Cross, suffered by You, freed me from the slavery of the devil, and espoused me to the Divinity with an indissoluble bond.  The Cross is fecund and gives birth to Grace in me.  The Cross is Light, It disillusions me of what is temporal, and reveals to me what is eternal.  The Cross is fire, and reduces to ashes all that is not of God, to the point of emptying my heart of the tiniest blade of grass that might be in it.  The Cross is coin of inestimable value, and if I have, O Holy Spouse, the fortune of possessing it, I will be enriched with eternal coins, to the point of becoming the richest in Paradise, because the currency that circulates in Heaven is the Cross suffered on earth.  The Cross, then, makes me know myself; not only this, but It gives me the knowledge of God.  The Cross grafts all virtues into me.  The Cross is the noble pulpit of the uncreated Wisdom, that teaches me the highest, the finest and most sublime doctrines.  So, only the Cross will reveal to me the most hidden mysteries, the most secret things, the most perfect perfection, hidden to the most erudite and learned of the world.  The Cross is like beneficent water that purifies me; not only this, but It administers to me the nourishment for the virtues, It makes them grow, and only then does It leave me, when It brings me back to Eternal Life.  The Cross is like celestial dew, which preserves and embellishes for me the beautiful lily of purity.  The Cross is the nourishment of Hope.  The Cross is the beacon of operating Faith.  The Cross is like hard wood, which preserves the fire of Charity, keeping it always lit.  The Cross is like dry wood, which dispels and puts to flight all the smokes of pride and of vainglory, producing the humble violet of humility in the soul.  The Cross is the most powerful weapon that offends the demons, and defends me from all of their claws.  Therefore, the soul who possesses the Cross is the envy and admiration of the very Angels and Saints, and the rage and indignation of the demons.  The Cross is my Paradise on earth, in such a way that if the Paradise of the Blessed up there, is of delights, the Paradise down here is of sufferings.  The Cross is the chain of most pure Gold that connects me to You, my Highest Good, and forms the most intimate union which can possibly be given, to the point of making my being disappear.  And It transforms me in You, my Beloved, to the point that I feel lost within You, and I live from your very Life.’


After I said this (I don’t know whether it is nonsense), my lovable Jesus was all delighted in listening to me, and taken by enthusiasm of love, kissed me all over, and said to me:  “Brava, brava, My beloved – you spoke well!  My Love is Fire, but not like the terrestrial fire which, wherever it penetrates, renders things sterile and reduces everything to ashes.  My fire is Fecund, and it renders sterile only that which is not Virtue.  To all the rest it gives Life, it makes Beautiful Flowers Bloom, it makes the most Delicious Fruits Mature, and forms the most delightful Celestial Garden.  The Cross is so Powerful, and I Communicated so much Grace to It, as to render It more effective than the very Sacraments; and this, because in receiving the Sacrament of My Body, the dispositions and free concourse of the soul are needed in order to receive My Graces, and many times these may be lacking; while the Cross has the Virtue of disposing the soul to Grace.”



April 23, 2017

My Dearest Children,

Within this week of Mercy and the Easter Season I desire all My children to come to the font of My Mercy and Love.  I give you two of My greatest attributes, Mercy and Love, an unconditional gift of Myself.  To receive this gift in its fullness you must come to Me in repentance of all your past sins so your heart may be fully open to receive My gifts if you are in sin, especially if you are in grave sin.  It is especially for you that this gift within My church extends It’s loving arms for all to come forward.  Your Savior awaits to embrace you and embellish you with gems of grace.


Also on this day of My Love is the feast day of My Little Daughter of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta.  This great day of celebration of her birth is another gift of My love upon the world, a sign; for the Kingdom cannot be attained without My Mercy first unfolding through all your daily acts to show the world that within the mystery of the Divine Will are the attributes of My Mercy.  And from the floodgates of My Mercy will one day usher in the fullness of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  You must understand My children that satan wishes to obscure and minimize this day of celebration to nothing more than a weekend of devotion.  Satan’s work is to put before your eyes not a God of Mercy, but a God of Tyranny and Oppression.  In your world there will always be war, hunger, hatred, evil, and distrust, but I come to you today with,



Your Jesus gives you the power of His Love and Mercy and Consolation to bring Heaven to earth, to bring trust and joy to all those you meet who are downtrodden, in pain, and in need of love.  My children, this is the remedy for your world, this is the great gift I give to you, to embrace and to possess, to call down My Mercy upon the World before My day of judgment, everyday for you know not the day or the hour.  I ask of you My children to abandon yourselves to Me at every moment of the day to be vessels of My Love and Mercy, for they are the Key to the Kingdom of My Divine Will, the Kingdom in it’s fullness to all those who are of My Heart.  The seeds of the Kingdom are within you, cultivate My Love and Mercy within you each day, and so will the walls of My Kingdom build and fortify into a mighty city within your soul.  My love is an everlasting love.



January 1, 2017

My children,

Sit and listen... I am calling all of you, prompting you with my tender delicate ways, to come to Me, to open your hearts to Me so I can help you come closer to Me. For I am always near you, and for those who truly desire Me, have abandoned themselves to Me, I am in them and with them in a mystical way. I desire all My children to be one with Me in this way, for this is your destiny, the reason why you were created, to be divine children. If God is Light as proclaimed by St. John, then what would God's children be? Would they not be of the same light? What child does not contain the likeliness of its parent? So, to make you My children of the light, to bring you closer to the light of the Trinity, you must Sit and Listen. Follow that yearning which is your natural instinct fortified by God the Holy Spirit.  


Today, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are very close to you with many graces that fall upon you through My Church. The Solemnity of the Mother of God, is another gift to you from My Heavenly Father.  A great Feast indeed! A creature created by Me, sinless, but yet She had free will.  I was born of Mary and came  to you through the womb of the heavenly Queen to save you from the kingdom of satan and bring you into the Kingdom of My Will. This was the first step to redeem the world and bring it back to the path of the way My Father created His Kingdom not only to merely save man from the kingdom of satan, but to renew and redo all the acts that Adam should have done to glorify My Father, and all his progeny through the generations.  You My children now have the gift to not only do My Will but to possess My will. There is an immense ocean between the two on the effects; I ask you which is greater, the prayers inspired by the Holy Spirit with your will, or the prayers offered with God’s own Will?  Satan would like nothing more to have you believe differently, for he rebelled when My Father Willed a creature with an eternal soul into being and would not serve a God that humbled Himself to the level of a creature to love a creature with the same love that He loved His angelic beings. Why would the Father lower Himself so, to love a creature made of dirt?  Because in Adam, He found His very self, His Will operated in Adam.  His son, with a memory, intellect and will, His son with His very own will.  The Holy Trinity loved themselves in Adam.


The role of the Heavenly Queen was not only to bring forth the Redemption, but She is also Queen of the Divine Will. She is your Mother given to you at the foot of the cross on Calvary. This beautiful perfect human being shared in My sufferings from the moment of My conception, nurtured Me, adored Me and taught the Apostles, now I am imploring you to abandon yourselves to your Mother in the same way.  My Mother is a most precious gift to you, My Mother has a Kingdom of Her own manifested in these end times through Luisa Piccarreta, the first child born in to sin to reclaim her inheritance lost through Adam through a life of suffering and prayer. She is the first to live in this kingdom, the first child of the Kingdom of the Divine Will. This Kingdom awaits for its children, the Father is King of His Kingdom, but He has His Queen to His right, and to Her all graces were given to rebuild this Kingdom and populate it with Her children, the children of the New Era of Peace to come, as promised a proclamation given to Sister Lucia when the contents of the request were fulfilled. Despite the stubbornness of some, this Kingdom will come, and you My children will rejoice.  Stay close to Me, stay close to the Mother of God, and you will shine like the stars with no fear.


My Love is great, and I am so very near to you My dear precious children.