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August 11, 2015 -  A  Daughter of the Divine Will

My child, it is I Jesus, here as always to explain and teach you and all My children the ways of Divine Love, the ways of My Love, My Eucharistic Love which comes from My Divine Heart, a Heart of Sorrows for all My children in the world.  My children are always in need of My Love, without this sustenance of my Essence , Love, My children you never would have  come into existence.  This very love exists continually in My Eucharist, My Body is true food, the Living Bread come down from heaven. My Priest Sons say at the Doxology of the Mass, as I am offered to My Father and yours;


“Through him, and with him, and in him,

O God, almighty Father,

in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

all glory and honor is yours,

forever and ever."


Children, through me, the eternal WORD, you came into existence.  Oh! If you could only know how close and one we are with each other!  You literally cannot exist without Me; it would be like a Heart trying to beat without its veins, and without blood.  How I suffer seeing My creation, My images destroying themselves.  How you that reject Me, do not understand, that you cannot, it is impossible for you to do so because I live in you always.  Even if you reject Me after all My loving affections and promptings of love to bring you back to Me, I am always a part of you.  Everything created by My Father has perpetual life and existence.  If you reject me at the time of death, the moment of your passing, you will suffer greatly due to the lack of My Love, You will see Me, and be hateful of Me more and more due to the void of love within you.  You see, you will never be rid of Me, so why fight Me?  A soul is created for eternity to live with Me, unless you choose not to, then Hell is your destiny.  Do not continue to block the voice within you that you hear in the silence of your thoughts, your rationalizations, it is I, Jesus Christ, not yourself that speaks to you.  I AM He who lives in you, who took the flesh of a Virgin to be like you, who was always I AM before you came to be, and created you In My Image, then came to live with you physically on this earth, and died for you so you could then take My Flesh for food, so I can raise you on the last day in your human deified body.


One of the greatest minds of your 20th century contemplated and studied ‘transubstantiation.”  His theoretical study of the universe and its existence opened his mind by My grace to the greatest understanding of time and space and the divine realties of the universe.  This great scientist you recognize as Albert Einstein opened the door to the possibility of other universal realties and later in life Albert also discovered the reality of the possibility of God present in a piece of bread.  For if I allowed the possibility of the reality of a mathematical function for him to discover eternity through time and space, the theory of relativity, then it is also possible for God to come into time and be physically present, yet unseen: For I AM Forever in and out of time


Ponder this I ask of you, all of you who do not believe in the Christ, and all those of you who believe in Me, but do not believe it is a possibility for the Creator of the universe to be invisibly present in a piece of bread.


My Jewish children who reject Jesus as the Christ, and Protestant children who cannot see why I chose to exist consubstantially with the Father and the Holy Spirit, truly and materially present, meditate on My words in Holy Scripture, look into your hearts.  Especially to you I give you My Great Amen!


Our Father Who Art in Heaven Hallowed Be thy Name!!

Jesus Christ, Born of the Virgin Mary


August 9, 2015 - A Daughter of the Divine Will


The Sixth Chamber of My Heart

My dear daughter,

Your Heavenly Father desires to express His teaching on the meaning of the Sixth Chamber of His Heart. Listen with the ears of your Heart, for I am there within this place that is for Me only.


My children, many of you do not know of the gift of My Most Holy Will, the gift of My total self, the Holy Trinity that operated within Adam, Eve, My Mother, and Jesus, and then the first time in it’ s totality, Luisa Piccarreta, My chosen soul. This little one of mine who was conceived in original sin, was the first to arrive not only in My Sixth Chamber, but also was able to go beyond the boundaries of the human soul. Children, your minds can not comprehend the marvels of My Will, the totality of Myself within a human being. These marvels are expressed by My Apostle St. Paul who saw for a moment these wonders…"Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him." (1 COR 2:9)  Can you imagine My children, your God walking in your steps, moving within you, beating in your hearts? Can you imagine My children, experiencing My joy with Me as I raised Tabitha from the dead, Lazarus from the tomb? Likewise, can you imagine experiencing My disappointment with the lepers who did not thank Me, the sadness of those who left Me with the pronouncement of My Bread of Life discourse as explained to you in the gospel of John? It is also these parts of My life that you must share with Me to reach this chamber. For it is when you reach this chamber My children, that the Life of My Divine Will truly begins to live in you, for this Chamber is the beginning and not the end of My True Life within you, the Life that was meant for you to possess since the Holy Trinity declared it from the beginning of time. The Life of My Divine Will children, is that LIFE IN GOD. It is the possession of your God, BODY BLOOD SOUL AND DIVINITY. It begins and cannot be possessed without frequent reception of My Eucharist in a state of grace. For My whole life is miraculously contained within My Eucharist. This is mandatory, the Eucharist is the epitome, the configuration, the pinnacle and consummation of My life within each soul, all of creation, and the total universe. Everything is contained therein. This takes prayer and meditation My children, and if you were to meditate on just this alone you would reach new heights in your spiritual life, for the source of My total life is this; My Eucharist. When I am within you, what can be against you? What else do you desire? You are one with Me for these few moments. Do you desire more of this oneness My children? Do you desire to know how to keep Me one with you forever and ever beginning on earth, to only step into the immensity of My Will, total beatitude within Me your God upon your mortal death?


Then My children, you must first begin by abandoning yourself to My Will. In every moment, in every circumstance, in every moment of your life: This is the way to My Sixth Chamber; but know that My Will is not contained to any room, or any chamber, My Will is boundless for I am eternal. Once you have reached this state of oneness within Me, you will travel the universe with Me, in Me.  Begin your journey children, today, ask Me for the gift and show me the desire to know of this Doctrine that will come into My church in the future, for I have willed it so the gift of My Will that will protect you from anxiety, free you from worry, and the weight of your human will. With your pronouncement and movement of your will to proceed further, My Mother will come to you, She will nurture you within the Wound of Her Heart, She will carry you and teach you the ways of My Will, for it is My Gift of My Will that will build the walls of your soul and create that kingdom within you that is My Home. The Gift of My Will in the Heart and Wound of My Mother is the foundation stone of the Warriors of the Holy Sword of Mary.


Come to Me children, for I await your return to your origin.

Your Heavenly Father


July 22, 2015

My dear child,

I am a God of love. Pure love. My love is so intense for My children, that if I were to unleash it, you would be so overcome with love you would die.  Love is the cure for all your ills; it will suffocate all evil. Evil cannot stand near love, it will vanish, and the bearer of evil will suffer torments in the midst of love and must either succumb or abandon itself to love or retreat with more hatred and evil. Love has power over everything in creation, why?  Because I am Love, creation itself is love; the Divine Will pulsates in all things and keeps the universe in existence because of love.


Children, have you become so lifeless, so dulled by the evil around you, that you can no longer feel love, the One True Love of your life? I am He, Jesus, your One True Love. Your lover and your friend, your Savior and the keeper of your soul if you allow Me in. Do you not see how the world through the spirit of evil has dampened and almost destroyed all that is Holy, and True? I your God live within you, and I feel the constant noise inside your hearts the distractions and chaos within you. I see the moat you have built around yourself to isolate yourself from the good.  This moat prevents Me from drawing near. But I wait patiently for you, waiting for you to lower the drawbridge to allow My entrance. I desperately love you, generation so perverse and steeped in evil. Your perversity draws Me even closer to you for your need is great for the only physician that can heal your wounds. My heart pines for you. The tears continue to run down My cheeks.


Can you not look My way and give Me a glance, I am always within you, I hear your every murmur. You need not look far. Look My way and I will flood you with My Divine ways of love, cover you with mercy and drape you with royal robes of grace, if you repent and bend your knee to your God. I will make you drunk with My Spirit if you truly repent and allow Me to sing My song of love within you. You will know My voice, and see My face within you when you pray. Come to Me, little ones, let Me teach you what true life in My most holy Will is, the secrets of the saints before you, for I am preparing a great feast for you in Heaven, a feast with all your brothers and sisters that have accepted Me as the One True and Only God. Come to love children and you will never be afraid. I stand before you with My hand outstretched waiting for your invitation. You must do so quickly, do not wait, so I may protect you from what is to come upon the world. My adversary has prepared many traps, deceptions, wars, plagues, famines, and natural disasters to destroy the earth. I can do nothing to protect you unless you call on Me, Jesus, King of All Creation into your lives and ask My forgiveness with a sincere and contrite heart.




Be at Peace and meditate on My Words.



July 16, 2015,  Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

My dear loving daughter,

On this feast day of mine I come to you as Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Elijah climbed the face of the mountain to see the Face of God, to proclaim the truth of the One True and Only God, and through his great faith a great miracle was brought forth on Mount Carmel by the mighty hand of God. Many were struck with awe and many became hateful and wanted to destroy Elijah. They thought if they could kill the prophet they could kill God. Throughout history satan has killed many of God's children who believe in Him and proclaim His name. But, God allows this to prove that He still lives. As you heard in today's reading, God is the I AM. The I AM of the present and lives forever. 


On the day of My Assumption into heaven, I also ascended the high mountain of the Lord. With My mission completed on earth, I also left a legacy, an inheritance for all as My Son did, for this was His will. I left with the gifts of Mother of the Church, Queen of the Apostles, and the Immaculate Conception. But most of all, My greatest gift that I left for all My children, is My Sorrows, condensed within seven, but there were many sorrows, a lifelong of continuous sorrows.


If all of My children take unto themselves these Sorrows from My heart that I have left for them on earth, I promise to give them many graces. If you My children accept My sorrows into your heart, you will then allow Me, your Mother, to create an umbilical cord between us, a river of love, and understanding of the Secrets of My Heart, many of the mysteries that were shared with My Apostles before My Assumption. These are great gifts My children, you must model yourselves after your Mother.


All children imitate their parents, and you children must do the same. You must accept the joys, but also the sorrows of my Heart so I may continue God's work in you, so you too may be totally consumed by God as I was. It was God's total consummation of Me that was the power of My Assumption into heaven. Children, climb Mount Horeb with Me, allow Me your Mother to bring you to great heights, to see the Face of God, to allow the Finger of God to write His name on your hearts. I your Mother, by God's grace vested in Me, through the Holy Trinity will bring you to  a higher place in God if you allow Me. I love you.


Your Mother of Mount Carmel


July 12, 2015 Holy Wound of Mary Message

After Mass and adoration Our Lord came and said the following words to my heart:


I am your Jesus of Mercy daughter. I am here. Utter forth the words you hear from your heart, and believe they are from Me.


Many things, and occurrences are happening quickly within your world, so quickly that the human mind cannot possibly grasp all that is taking place at one time. I prophesied many types of events that would take place in your time in My Gospel’s.  My most holy and sacred words are alive and carry my “presence” for those who believe in My written Word.


My Words never die, they are for all ages.  (messenger’s name withheld), My Father’s judgment is upon the world. My children must be ready to placate My Father by absorbing the sufferings of the world through Me and with Me on the cross.  This is your only survival, your road to sanctification. My Cross is for you My children.  It is within Me, and each one of you have a place within My Cross, within Me.


My Cross is Holy, My Cross is Just, My Cross is Mercy. I continue in Heaven with My arms outstretched in the same position as the cross waiting to embrace all within Me in safety.  Enter into the Cross now My little ones, do not only look at the cross, but ENTER INTO IT.  Enter in with an open heart, a heart ready to be crucified and nailed as your Jesus was nailed to the cross.  Do not be afraid for I hold you within Me.


Suffering will be upon everyone in your nation soon, do not run from the suffering but accept it as I did for each and every one of you.  When I did so, I saw each of you and prayed and suffered for each of you so you would say yes to My Cross of Mercy.  This Door of Mercy still waits you. Enter in, repent and accept My love and plan for you.


Blessed Mother:   I am here to tell you children that once you accept the Cross, you will also be asked to carry the Cross for others.  As your Mother of Mercy, Mother of the Holy Cross, I desire to bring you to that special place within My Heart that bleeds for My children.  It bleeds because My children are not repairing the scars in reparation that are inflicted upon My Son due to a lack of repentance and lack of belief in Him by many in the world today.  Please allow yourselves to enter into this Holy Wound of Mine, where I will nurture and protect you.  But first you must enter the Door of Mercy, to be flooded with Love & Mercy Itself.  Do not wait, for you do not know when God will ask for your life.


The Merciful Hearts of Jesus and Mary


June 30, 2015

My daughter,

I desire that this Saturday, all join together with one heart and voice as you pray to Me for your country. I will lead all My children to true freedom. True Freedom, which only comes from Me, the Eternal Truth. All Truth comes from My Most Holy Will – My Love and Mercy are the pillars that hold up My Truth. If My children practice any one of these three characteristics which come from Me, they will be led to the Truth. Truth is rooted in Love and Mercy, and Love and Mercy is rooted in Truth. All flow from My Will. Ask Me to help you to meditate on these words My children and you always know what is of Me and I will speak to your hearts. Follow the ways of Saints Peter and Paul with your Cross and Sword with My Mother as your leader.

I AM the way



Jesus – Son of the Warrior Queen


June 12, 2015, Blessed Mother speaks;

Daughter of My Will,

Tomorrow child I desire you tell all that, it is of the utmost importance for prayer groups to be formed at (your local parish).   Soon much darkness will descend upon the earth, it will increase as God allows. Your government and many of those in control have given themselves to the whims of the world and subjected themselves to evil to the point of being in agreement with the devil himself.


Who has stopped them? Where is My Son’s Church? Where are the Pastors to forewarn my children of the incoming destruction of what is “The Holy of Holies”, My Son in the Most Blessed Sacrament? Who will uphold the Truth that it is JESUS alone who is True God and True Man, that it is Jesus Christ who is truly present in the Eucharist.


Soon, some priests will come and say in My Son’s name they are preaching His true Gospel. They will travel declaring they are the New Apostles to bring forth the New Evangelization, a New Springtime that was prophesied by My Beloved Saint John Paul II. Be forewarned, there will be no Springtime until the Truth is exposed, until all eyes are open wide, until the Sword of Truth, pierces every heart and reveals the Truths of Many  [Luke 2:35 (Yea, a sword shall pierce through thy own soul also,) that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed].  Then all eyes will be opened. All ready to hear what is the True Gospel of My Son that points to His Heavenly Father in the heavens.


When will this occur? Soon, you will see these signs;


  • Your streets will be marked with blood from the anger of many.

  • Your government will restrict your freedoms at the threat of incarceration if you do not comply.

  • Your necessities will be rationed.


Watch for these signs My children and know that the Tribulation is at hand and only after the end of this suffering will you be ready to accept the True Light of the Holy Spirit.


Those who abandon themselves to Me, to the heart of their Mother, will have Jesus’ Kiss of Peace upon their hearts. They will suffer only for the sake of His love, His Most Holy and Divine Will, and I will place them between Our Two Hearts, now and throughout eternity. This is My promise.


Children, do not fear what you see with your eyes, fear what you do not see, the powers of darkness always at work.These words to you are not to raise fear, but to help you discern reality. I come to save My children as Mother of the Eucharist.I come to beg you to withdraw from the world and its pleasures and to be in prayer with Me. Only God can carry you through the turbulence. My Immaculate Heart has room for all, no exceptions. Come to Me and Jesus, so I may teach you to love Him as I was taught by Our Heavenly Father. Time is of the essence, do not waste time analyzing, but trust and love.


Your Immaculate Mother


May 24, 2015

I was asking myself ”Why a second website, what is to be different?”


Blessed Mother responded to me and explained further:


“This website is to promote more of My instructions on how to live the life of the Divine Will within the soul and the Life of Divine Mercy under the banner of My Warrior.


  • A soul must promise to be My Warrior to receive the graces to defend itself against the influences of the world.

  • A soul must be My Daughter or Son of the Lamb, in order to be under the cloak of protection of My Son and My mantle.

  • A soul must with right desire and intention live the Rule as given for the Daughters and Sons of the Lamb.

  • A soul must make a promise to Me their Mother to commit their lives to the defense of the Truth, The Sword of Truth, that sword that pierced My Heart.


This website is especially dedicated to those who give Me their wills and their hearts, their total being to fight for the truths of the faith, those truths that poured forth from the Five Wounds of My Divine Son to the Wound of My Immaculate Heart. A special prayer of consecration will follow at a later time for all those who desire to be part of this movement and join My army. They will all obtain the graces to carry My Son’s Cross of Protection and My Sword of Truth.They will be protected from evil, but they must bare their soul to Me in total abandonment. It is My Immaculate Heart that will save the world through the power of the Most Holy Trinity:


Through the Will of the Father, the Word made flesh,

and the Great Paraclete of Love, My Spouse.


This Wound is a special place within My Heart that Jesus has prepared where all the prayers, Novenas and teachings of the Holy Catholic Church will converge into one point, the Point of Rest and culmination of His Most Holy Will. I love all my children with an infinite love.


Your Mother of Sorrows



May 22, 2015

I am here child, your Jesus of Mercy, Mercy and Peace. I carry this beautiful white dove in My hand and offer it to all My children as a gesture of Love and Peace. If only they would accept it, your world would turn into an oasis of peace.  I have come to tell you that I have placed the dove above your head. He the Holy Spirit will increase His gifts and His grace. Sadly, many do not know My Holy Spirit and what these gifts are, so how can they receive what they do not know? Fused in My most Holy Will, I desire you, and all My children who will pray, to ask for the grace of the desire for all to ask and come to know My Holy Spirit. It is through the Holy Spirit that the renewal of the Earth will take place.


Soon, a great deluge will take place in your country, rivers of molten lava will spew forth from the mountains and from within the ground. It is the source of the “crack in the Earth’ in your country. Many will take flight as your government will make it mandatory for them to leave their homes. Many will be homeless, your country will be divided, and the economy will be affected. The ash will cause atmospheric problems and some will fear it is the end of the world. Those who are prepared spiritually and love Me, will know what to do and will not fear because they know My voice, the voice of their Shepherd, and the Holy Spirit will comfort them and lead them to safety. Others will be anxious, perplexed, mesmerized by the drastic change in their lives, becoming despondent, and feeling hopeless. You My children, My Little Warriors of Mary, must be prepared to assist these children I bring to you when the time comes. They will have nothing, but through My faithful ones I will fill them with My Love and Peace.


Your Merciful Savior, Jesus



May 18, 2015, Jesus speaks:

A Daughter of My Will (Part 1),

The shipwreck of My church is about to take place, the beginning of the abomination and desecration of the temple as prophesied by My prophet Daniel, the mystery is about to be opened for all to see who are of My Heart.


What is the devastation that will begin to occur when the announcement of your government is proclaimed to legalize same sex marriage as the Rule of the Land? The very heavens will shake and mourn, once again as the prophecy begins to unfold.


The beginning of the tragedy will begin with the Eucharist no longer being valid for the priests who allow the illicit ceremony to take place in their churches.  I will not be present in these churches. Please pray for the souls who continue to participate at Mass in these places, for they are blind and continue to follow heresy like lambs led to the slaughter. The Desolation takes place with the devil enthroning himself in My tabernacle.


Children, this is the first step that will unleash a wave of darkness on your country, a country that still has a shadow of light. My Eucharist will no longer be valid in these churches that allow this. My Eucharist is My Life, it is through the operation of the Most Holy Trinity, with the priest that I come to Be. It is within the context and Rite of the church that I come to be totally “with you”, in a true miracle that is repeated daily. My Heart breaks; My Heart breaks for the priests who have betrayed Me, My Heart breaks for My children who will take part in this blasphemous sacrilege, My heart breaks for all those who turn a blind eye and accept immorality as the “new truth.”


My sorrow is great, pray, pray, pray, for all who’s hearts have turned to stone, that they may hear Me ever so softly within their hearts and they may turn to Me, their only Savior before they take their last breath on earth. I AM always your Jesus of Mercy, before I AM your Jesus of Justice.


I am your Jesus, Son of the Warrior Queen


On homosexual marriage - Part 2:


This explanation is clarification to why Jesus is not present in a church, or in His sacramental state when a priest performs a homosexual marriage union.


My child, please listen,

The priest thinks he has performed a solicitous act on his part towards the individuals, but a violation has occurred of his vow to Me acting in Persona Christi. I AM a God of Life, a priest willingly breaks My most precious law. I created man and woman to be co-creators with Me. Not as a temporary solution to populate the earth, but as a continuous act of love that originates in the Most Holy Trinity.


Just as Adam and Eve said “NO” to Me and sided with the devil, I left him, no longer operating in his will as when he was first created, so too, do I leave a priest who no longer acts in My Most Holy Will. For the Act of Consecration is the one and same act of Calvary, consubstantial with the Father and the Holy Spirit. The priest acting in my place makes a total offering of himself as I did on the cross. It is a flow of Love, the Divine Will within the Rite of the church that Incarnates Me on the altar in an act of bilocation. It is FIRST and FOREMOST the POWER OF MY WILL that brings about this Prodigy and not just the “Words of Consecration.”




 But it is the power of My Divine Will that works the miracle as it did in the Incarnation.  Man can not break or “undo” the Covenant I decreed with mankind to continue life with only one man and one woman. I have ordained it so, and My Will will be done. But if man chooses the devil’s camp, to live in his house and not mine he has his free will to do so. He cannot live with Me and the devil in the same house. For he has then enthroned him over Me.




I am the Author of Life and God will not stand near one who performs an act in the place of God by breaking and undoing the One Eternal Act of God in a blasphemous manner. For he has blasphemed against Me by giving what is holy and sanctified by Me and feeding it to the dogs. Let him be an anathema.


My priests who condone these heretical actions how you have fallen! I cried out for you from the cross and suffered for you in the Wound of My Most Holy Heart. I beg you to abandon yourselves to me and repent and I will shower you with Mercy.


Jesus the High Priest