A Daughter Of The Divine Will Messages

November 11, 2016

My Warriors, are you preparing for battle? I desire you align yourselves between Our Two Hearts, My Most Sacred Heart and the Heart of the Immaculate One. My Mother has been preparing many of you for battle, she is the Commander of this Holy Army to fight for True Justice and True Peace. True Justice must come to your country before True Peace can Reign.


My Mother dresses you with robes of sacrifice, with Her crown of love, and Her sandals of humility so you may follow in Her footsteps.  My Mother carries the Holy Scepter bestowed to Her from My Father.  She is the Patroness of your country, and She will rule as Empress with purity and love.  She will lead you down the path of true power. True Power rises from true love.  True power rises from the humility of a heart that knows where the source of its true power emanates.  A truly humbled heart claims nothing as its own, but seeks always to give back to the source of Goodness for itself and for others.  These are the children of Mary, these are the Soldiers of Christ, these are the powerful warriors that will build the moat of protection to protect what is sacred and true.  The True Warriors of Mary carry always the Sword of Love, of Truth.  They carry the Cross within their Hearts, and no one will defeat them.  For I THE LORD YOUR GOD, am with you. I have given you My Mother, I have given you St. Michael, and all the angels under his command, I have given you the whole of Heaven as your companions and your strongholds.  They, My children, are all waiting, they are waiting to hear from you, they are waiting to enlighten you, they are waiting to guide you.  Listen to My Voice dear ones, and you will hear ME!, We are all ONE in this battle.


The heart that walks in My truth will radiate purity.  The magnetism from a pure heart will scatter evil.  My children who walk in My Will have nothing to fear, for you have Me. I am the wellspring of purity that flows within you, if you believe this My children, and walk in faith with this truth, others will oppose you, will fight you, will try to destroy you because they fear you.  Remember this, it is fear that motivates the evil around you to attack.  But there is nothing to fear for you have Me.


It is necessary for your growth in holiness that all My children receive the Flame of Light and Purity that flows from My Mother.  She will nurture you and place within you the Light of Her Love.  This power flows from the Holy Trinity to Her.  She is the link between Us, and our children.  We wait in great anticipation for Our children, to give them the inheritance and love which their hearts search for.


My most precious children, you who desire to receive this Light of purity come to Her on bended knee.  She will anoint you with the balm of Her love and christen you with  knighthood in Her Service.  This is a special calling My children, a special anointing, for those who desire to pick up the Sword and align themselves with truth under Her army.  It is time to step up the pace of your spiritual training, to fight the ruthless forces of evil at work in your country.


Who is called to be in this special army?  My Mother has many of you training through the many devotions, solidarities, prayer groups, and charisms within My church.  I ask you now, to join as one, as one army under Her mantle.  It is through the Heel of Mary with Her children that evil will be crushed as prophesied.  Do not be deceived by a worldly peace between governments, for their treaties are limited to the desires of men.  My Peace is eternal and true, rooted in true justice.  Many speak words of peace, but I see the hearts of men, and many are full of guile.  Be of pure heart My children, and be ready to stand your guard. My Mother awaits your answer and commitment, always ready with open arms.


Jesus Christ your King

November 6, 2016

My child, I speak to you today with a sorrowful heart.  My heart aches with pity and with pain at the condition of the souls that are lost.  So lost is this generation, that if it were not for my promise to Noah that I would never completely destroy the earth again, I would have done so not again, but a second time.  For the magnitude of the sinfulness upon the earth has escalated to a complete holocaust.  Your Heavenly Father is always in the present tense. Please remember this always.  It is of the utmost importance little one that you stay with me in the present moment.  The present moment is always one of hope, of expectation, and hope and expectation lead and show trust in Me.


The doors to My heart always remain open until that last moment when I decide the eternal moment of death.  The moments of death My child are between Me and the Soul.  No one can see the soul and know when the soul is permitted by Me to leave the body.  My children must believe, truly believe this.  You must always pray for deceased souls, even the most hardened souls because your eyes do not see what I see.  I alone am friend and judge, your prayers for Mercy, especially for the deceased continue into eternity and even into the past. (Those prayers prayed fused in His Most Will reach past present and future).


My enemy wants you to believe that the doors to My Heart will close at a particular point in your history.  No, do not believe this lie.  The Doors of Mercy, the Holy Year that My Holy Spirit inspired My Vicar to celebrate, will close.  But the Doors to My Merciful Heart are always open.  Through My Church many graces flowed from Heaven and chastisements forestalled due to the proclamation by My Vicar.  Throughout the remainder of earthly years there will be many turmoils, chastisements, as recorded in My Holy Book. These events must come to pass to purify the earth.  But, My promises of hope and mercy still remain, only a portion of the earth will be destroyed, and in that portion are those who refuse to enter the Doors of My Mercy, to begin their conversion, to accept the truth that their lives have been sinful, and to fly unto My arms for safety.  Those who do not will perish.


Children, My Mercy is so endless and so deep, that the depths of the ocean cannot contain it.  Like My Eternal Love, so is My Mercy!  Like the endless Universe, so is My Mercy!  Like My Light, so is My Mercy, endless, unfathomable, it's depths and height are like the stars, that continue to grow, like the universe that is in continuous creation.  You will never understand it.  You will be utterly in constant awe and amazement in the Heaven of My Love, when you are completely vaulted in Me.  It is your mission to make this known to others, to invite them, to encourage them, and they in turn will do the same.  The evil one is confounded, cannot be near someone who is imbued with My Mercy.  He will fight you from all angles, but cannot lay a finger upon you.  Do not be deceived by the lie, that My Mercy will end soon. I have held back my arm waiting for My children to turn to Me, asking Me for assistance.  So very few have, so very few have repented, so very few even give Me a thought.  I cannot prevent the ways of evil from rolling forward if My children do not ask Me.  I cannot subvert their wills.  To prepare the earth for My coming, for My Kingdom to Reign upon the earth, the earth must be purged so that the seed of Abel can be restored, and the seed of Cain destroyed.


Look to your Savior, not to the fear and hopelessness that will be the potion of the devil, for satan will continue with his lies, deceptions.  He builds his empire on fear, weakness of the human heart, and those that do not know how to love Me through the Heart.  Remember My little ones, I overcame all evil so you could be victorious in these moments of trial.  For a great trial is coming, a great shaking that will turn my church and the world upside down.  I speak through this soldier of Mary (the writer) so you may know that I hear your cries, that I am with you always, and you must believe, always believe that the Son is present and that the Love will always win, always.  I have conquered the world, FOR YOU.  So you may live on this earth for generations in the way it was intended.  A full and complete Life in the Trinity.


Always, pray for others, so they may accept My Mercy prior to their death, as I instructed Noah to do.  He carried within him for years the knowledge of the destruction of the earth.  This was a great suffering he carried.  He prayed for those who condemned him, and was alone in the world, it was only him, but through his prayers, at the last moment, many souls were saved.  He is an example for you of what I ask of you.  Pray for others and Build Your Arks through My Mother.


This is the task ahead, the great mission I put upon you.  I beg you, as I did Noah, to please pray for the souls that will succumb to death in the days ahead, so at that last moment, when I visit their souls, they too will have the chance to be saved.  Join together in your homes, churches, in unison, for this great mission of Saving Souls.  Your names are written forever in My Heart.  Be simple My children and pray, be Merciful, be missionaries of Mercy.  It is the beginning of the ushering of My Kingdom.  Be the little Warriors I created you to be. Amen.


Jesus, Son of Mary, the Warrior Queen.

October 15, 2016

My child, I desire to speak to My children more about My Voice.


Children, it is critical that you know how to recognize Me, recognize My Will in all things. My children, learning to recognize Me in all things, places, and circumstances takes perseverance and practice.  My Voice is to be compared to a continuous life within you that grows stronger and is perfected with each time you unite with Me.


My Voice dear ones, is not a "sound"; it can be as simple as an inspiration, a movement of your soul, a thought that lifts and frees you from an oppression that besieges you, or a revelation of truth that helps you to know My Will in a decision.  My Voice is positive in effect, even though you may be bewildered by the outcome of your situation.


My Apostles learned to follow Me and hear Me, asking Me always for guidance and assistance, waiting patiently and observing the circumstances and choices presented to them.  They too, had to learn...Peter was impetuous, impatient, and at times unpredictable.  John, was quiet, innocent, naive.  Thomas, analytical, seeking a logical explanation for all things...but all of them later learned that answers are not always swift to come.  My children, I chose all the Apostles from varying backgrounds.  All had to learn to live by faith, and learn to hear My Voice.  Children, you are no different.  I am calling all of My Sons and Daughters to walk the path I have put before you.  Soon, all not for Me, will be against Me.  Please develop the "Ear of your Soul", to be united to Me, in My humanity in My Will.  Focusing on Me will bring you closer to My Divinity as your journey progresses to live in My Most Holy Will.


There are baby steps to the practice of holiness, there is no formula.  There are many modern day practices, but not all will bring you to holiness.  Many meditations will lead you astray that are not centered on My life.  All prayer must be rooted in abandonment and humility.  Humility is the teacher of the virtues, she makes the space for the other virtues to take root, so you may ascend the ladder of holiness.


My Voice is also Life, My little lambs:


 It is the river that flows through you and carries you

to the ultimate heavenly destination of My Will.

 It is the life of the saints, their acts perfected through Me on earth,

always conceived in My humanity


Absorbed in Me all of you are perfected My children, it is the simplicity of your heart that is needed to hear My Heart.  Simplicity.


It was My Voice that drove the first Christians to martyrdom, the missionary to endure harsh difficult conditions, the parent to hope and pray for their children who have gone astray.  It is the breath within you, and the pain that you feel when in despair.  Yes, I AM part of you, part of the pain.  I endured all sufferings of the human heart and the human condition My little ones, do you know how? By recognizing the Voice of My Heavenly Father.  When I felt as if I was in exile, defeated, abandoned, ridiculed, and beaten to a pulp, it was the Voice of the Father, that drove Me to continue the glory of the cross for you....  So you see how important it is to learn to hear Me?  To feel Me in all things?  I am not an emotion, I AM Life in all aspects of your lives.  My Life is VOICE, My total life is yours, but to know Me, you must be united to Me always in prayer, silence, and the Sacraments.  This is the era of the formation of My Living Hosts.  But first, you must learn My ways, the ways of listening so I may form Myself within you, you and I together on this most holy journey, all of My acts deposited exponentially, all of My life multiplied within you.  Our hearts will be united in continuous conversation, without speaking.


If you do not persevere, the darkness will overtake you, cover your soul with depression and despair for what is to come to your country.  I need My saints, I am calling My saints, the saints that My Mother spoke of to St. Louis De Montfort, those special soldiers of Hers that will be full of faith, love, courage to pass on the faith, Heart to Heart to the future generations.  Do not let anything take precedence over the practice of listening to My Voice.

October 8, 2016 – The Voice of the Shepherd

My children, I anxiously await for you to discover within you the sound of My voice. The Sound of My Voice is the call of your Shepherd My little ones. My little lamb your Shepherd calls you to His flock. Many of you belong to Me—you have the sign of the Trinity branded on your soul, but you are like scattered sheep, roaming to and fro. Now is the time to stop and listen...to come close to Me, to gather together as One Flock and One Shepherd. For I am the Good Shepherd and those that are mine hear My voice.  My voice is likened to a calm spring running over pebbles, a wind blowing through the branches of trees, the calmness of a heartbeat. The Sound of My Voice is the opposite of what the evil one wants you to believe. He instead convinces you that unnecessary chatter, falsely formulated opinions, the propaganda from electronic devices are the voices you should adhere to. There are many false voices in the world that will lead to emptiness and unhappiness because the ways of the world are not My Voice. I give you these words today because the calamities and noise in the world are increasing. You, My children must learn to gravitate towards My Voice through prayer and silence. The monastic life must be formed within you—who's center is My Voice, My presence, My Flame of Love, My palace where I will form in you My Kingdom, the Kingdom of My Most Holy Will as prophesied. To truly live in this Kingdom, one must little by little abandon all things to Me and persevere in whatever circumstances I have allowed you to live in. So few of My children pursue this path, a path that My great saints were eager to encounter, could see, but the time was not for them.  It is for you My children, it is Now. It is for Now, because of the great evil that is coming upon you. My Mother will protect all who are consecrated to Her with sincerity of heart, but Her greatest Warriors are those who desire to continue in holiness and climb the very summit to be truly divine children of the Most Holy Trinity.


If you do not heed My words My children by continuing in your journey to holiness the "smoke of satan" will enter you. The "smoke" is the way of the world, he will entice you slowly by influencing your desires for worldly ways. Once a breath is taken of his smoke, the trap has been laid down before you, a trap created just for you. If you continue to follow his ways and listen to his voice he has begun to weave his web around you. His web will alter your thought processes, your reasoning, and darken your conscience. Slowly you will begin to believe things that show an ounce of goodness and wisdom to be true among the false dichotomy of lies in many false teachings and agendas.  Your views of the world will be distorted and reoriented towards the ways of the antichrist. It is the path that will lead to the belief of the person of antichrist, the person who will arise in power. The evil one is preparing his path through the false agendas, thought processes that arise from human temptations, to experiment with the ways of science. What has been your help in ages past will now become your downfall. The path has been laid, the means are at his disposal, it is when I will allow his entrance that decides his ascent to total power.  What I tell you is nothing new My children, you too will be tempted as My first two children were tempted. Their thoughts were corrupted because they turned their eyes and focus from Me, they traversed close to the center of the garden to the tree that was forbidden, they walked the path that the devil created especially for them. Do you see My point children? It is no different for you now as it was for them, with one exception...you know the history , you have the knowledge, and from their mistake you can gain back what was once theirs: Eden within you, it will not be easy, I do not promise you a life of no suffering, but your suffering will be  sweet, because it is with Me. It will be a joyful suffering, not one of despair. Those who suffer in despair and hopelessness have not been given the grace because they have not practiced the faith  and persevered during the time I have given them. They keep a distance from Me. NOW is the time My children, grace will be poured upon grace.


Those who hear My Voice are part of My flock, they will experience My peace in the midst of turmoil, My protection in the time of adversity. This is My promise. The chastisements that the world will experience now and in the future can be mitigated and sometimes eliminated, however the purification is necessary. To save souls My children, you must hear My Voice to be effective and powerful Warriors of the Heavenly Queen. YOU must learn the practice of the presence of God in your lives, you must learn to live the monastic life within you.  You will soon Hear My Voice not only within you, but it will be marked by all your daily activities and encounters, and you will know that GOD IS WITH YOU, He is your Staff and Shield, and He will lead you to the green pastures on this earth and ultimately the seamless journey to Heaven.




This is what I desire of all My children. I wait for you anxiously...waiting to speak to your hearts. Peace.

July 22, 2016  — The Caliphate of Men's Hearts

Dear (name withheld),

Within the heart of man I have created a divine residence, a place for the Trinity to live. A residence that is glorious, miraculous, and endless. A place that exceeds all dimensions, but includes all dimensions, those undiscovered. It is your Heaven, it is Heaven itself, Heaven is a "place in Me."  The purpose of your creation was so I could live in you on earth. For this eternal dwelling place to live in the Heaven of My heart it must be free from the stain of sin. Totally.  If there are stains from sins that have not been erased by acts of love on earth, the soul will spend time in Purgatory until it has learned and compensated for those sins in the purifying fires of My love.  Never forget children, God is Love, and the souls in Purgatory are "holy", they have seen My face and suffer immensely because they could not withstand the light of My Love.


If the soul dies in a state of mortal sin, because it has refused My Mercy prior to crossing over into eternity, it has chosen the eternity of hell. The soul in refusing the Mercy of the Word, rejecting His forgiveness cannot enter into eternal life with Me, for I am Mercy and Love. The soul of man is more precious than you can ever imagine. Who can tell me what a soul looks like?  Who on earth can tell me the size of a soul, it's dimensions, or how We created it?  It, the soul, is immaterial, impossible for even the saints that have been given visions through their limited human faculties to describe it to you.


...Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the  things which God hath prepared for them that love Him."


No- one, no-one only My father in Heaven, can tell you when you are in Heaven, and even then, you will be in continual awe and wonderment of what you "see" in the souls of others. Not even the Heavenly Queen can contain or traverse the dimensions of the soul, for to do so She would have to contain God in Her entirety. Only the Son of Man can do so. And you children, My Little Lambs will do so in Me, and it is the Heavenly Queen who will give you to Me.


I tell you this, to warn you, that you must protect your souls at all costs, every day, every moment. My nemesis, the evil one that rebelled against Me, increases in power and evil every day. It is because the children of the earth have rejected their only good, ME. He continues his path of destruction through an anti-God campaign that started in Eden. It will continue until the children of the earth, My children turn to me and align themselves with My Mother as Her Warriors.  He has cast out his tentacles in an enticing display of various pleasures, to ensnare all those who do not carry Me in their hearts with false ideologies, materialism and false worship of the human senses. He has erected a throne of "self" in the souls of many of My children where the abode for My throne was created in them at the moment of conception. I am banished from your world, and all the Earth now has become the biblical Babylon. Look, what do you see before you? Who is destroying your lands? Who is torturing my Christian children and terrorizing your world? It is the spirit of Babylon resurrected in the name of Islam, (ISIS), who claims to represent the children of Hagar, followers of Ishmael. This was not my plan, ever, for I do not create evil. Impossible. This evil has manifested because many have chosen satan over Me.


The spirit of satan has taken form in your government, in your schools and is in sync with the Caliphate(1) formed within My church.


Awaken Jerusalem! Do you not see what has taken root within My House?  Do you not see who is waiting at the door to take My throne?  He has entered already, but nay.......although he may conspire and in appearance only, to take My throne...it will never happen.  Do not be fooled!  It is impossible, for Your High priest holds the throne in His hands.  I AM the church, Jesus Christ, Son of the Father. The GATES OF HELL WILL NEVER PREVAIL AGAINST MY CHURCH!  Again, My words of truth to you;


"I will not leave you orphans."


Believe My words, and all of you within My church, who betray Me and have formed this Caliphate, beg for My Mercy now. For you have enthroned satan within you and it is him you worship.


The caliphate will fail. Stay true to My Vicar, I tell you repeatedly, stay true to the teachings of the past 2000 years.  Your High Priest rules forever.  Do not fear of what you hear, the confusion that is created by even My own.  The caliphate within the church wants to stir this evil and confusion.  My church will never die, for it lives first and foremost within the heart, within My Eucharist, within My sacraments, it will be carried throughout the turmoil by my remnant few to pass on to the generations to come.  Stay firm in this test, the time of the purification of My church is quickly coming.  There will be wars and rumors of wars, calamities as prophesied.  Stay firm in My Most Holy Will, for it is My Will in you, led by My Mother that will destroy the evil in the world.  You, My children are called to be the Warriors of the Holy Sword of Mary....listen and learn from your hearts. Amen.



(1) Note from writer of these words from God: The term Caliphate is an analogy only that God is using to describe what is occurring within the church.


The word “caliph” comes from the Arabic khalifa, meaning “successor”. Its use means the ISIS claims Baghdadi as the only legitimate successor to the Prophet Mohammed.


In much the same way within the church there are those who have formed their own hierarchy of leadership to proclaim their ways of a new "Catholicism", one of worldly views, and they have plotted to expand their territory, much like a "caliphate."  Please note, there is NOT a Muslim cleric within the church. Jesus is describing traitors within the church who's plan is to  promote  worldly views under the guise of religion. He is warning us to not forsake His Vicar.


The following day,  7/23/16

I asked the Lord to please explain further about the analogy:


In your present day the caliphate is a supreme Muslim/Political leader who has established a place and physical territory from which to rule, similar to a kingdom. It is his sacred country, his domain as sole ruler taken unjustly by brutal force and coercion.


There is within the walls of the Holy City, one of the Prince's of My church, a Judas who has asserted himself as leader with unholy propaganda and teachings.  He has established his "caliphate".  He has gained followers in my church.  Like Judas I gave him many graces and his place within the church was due to what I gave him, and like Judas he has turned those graces into a chastisement against himself.  But, like Judas I will always forgive a repent sinner provided he is truly repentant.  My Mercy is boundless and is even more amazing for those farthest away.  Pray for those who rule My church."


"To you within My church who betray Me, come to Me now.  I will lavish you with My love, embrace you and welcome you with many gifts. I beg you return to your Savior who's tears are upon your cheeks."


My children, My church is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic.  She is suffering because of the poison of some within, her wounds come from the evil within.  She is My Bride and I will never desert her.  We are as one.  My doctrines through the Rock of Peter remain forever in place.

June 25, 2016  A message given to A Daughter of the Divine Will

I begin writing this journal at the request of Jesus, (He calls these writings the Diary of the Heart) who knows the heart and soul of every human being that has ever lived.  He has created all and all hearts are one in Him.  He feels and knows every heartbeat, and every heartbeat of His is a call and an ‘I Love You’ to every soul.  How very little we understand of this concept, of this TRUTH that Jesus Christ's heart beats in every soul, that it is the life of every human being, and that ‘being human’ is holiness.  A God that took on the flesh from a virgin named Mary, and from her body His body grew, and took on the form of humanity.  Within this gestation period many prodigies and doctrines came into being, some known, and some not yet indoctrinated into the church.  Within His gestation a New Holiness was created within the womb of Mary, one that we cannot completely understand until we are completely consumed by Him in Heaven.


I often wonder about the words, prophecies and conversations of Jesus within me.  Why do I not hear an audible voice?  What are the stirrings I feel, and what are the varying moods of the heart that sometimes correlate with varying colors?  Jesus is bringing me to understand that the language of the heart is not words as we understand, but a whole different language, a language of Heaven, a language that is spoken that the angels and saints understand.  It is a movement of the heart, of the will that is sometimes so instantaneous it becomes us and we know not straight away that it was the Lord acting in us.  Our human wills may tell us it was our doing, that the act (nothing evil), came from us, but later to know that from the movement of the will when our hearts are with Him, it was Him.  A word comes out of our mouth, a thought that is peaceful, or merely just breathing.  It is all Him.  And it all comes from the heart.  I feel Jesus wanting to speak now, so I write instantaneously, yes at a key board.  It matters not to him whether I have a recorder, keyboard, or pen and pencil.  A deep trance is not happening here, neither are visions.  Just colors, nuances and communication bubbling from the heart as an interior warmth, a stream of light that comes forth like a stream.


A Daughter of the Divine Will


My Daughter,

Your Jesus does not come and go, He is always within the heart of those in the state of grace.  I call all to listen to the Heart.  Many avoid it, sometimes it is painful to listen to the heart because there is something that I bring to the surface that is good for the soul to endure.  The pain brings forth light and truth.


My children, suffering is part of your humanity.  Why?  Because I did.  If you are to be one with Me, you must suffer with Me, you must accept what I bring to you with your head bowed down as I did.  You must always keep within your heart, the words I gave to Pilate when he was interrogating Me  “My Kingdom is not of this world."  In My humanity I asked My Father to pass the cup from Me, three times.  It was not because I was cowardly, but it was first to make reparation for the denial of Peter, whom later I would ask if he loved Me, three times.  In Peter I saw many of my priests who would run and deny Me, but through my acceptance of the suffering of the chalice of bitterness in the Garden of Gethsemane, the graces were created for all My future priest sons.  Ponder on these words My little children, nothing uttered out of My mouth is for happenstance.  These words are for you My Lambs, My precious ones to keep within your hearts, for My priest sons are in dire need of prayer.  These are desperate times as the darkness has covered My Church and the world.  Whenever you are perplexed, depressed, saddened, know this, I have allowed you to experience these moods of the heart so you too may share with Me in a small way what I experienced in the Garden.  It was My Father who gave Me the cup of bitterness, and now I ask you My Sons and Daughters of the Lamb to accept the chalice of bitterness with your Savior and in My most Holy Will to offer it back to the Father.  He will see you in Me, and Me in you as I offered Myself in total Oblation that evening.  This is the mission and work I ask of My children foremost before anything else, is to offer themselves with Me as an Oblation in reparation for the sins of my priest sons and all My children so that all may be saved.  I need you, My children, with Me to save souls.  If you want to please your Jesus pray with Me, in My Most Holy Will to save souls, this is the Mission of My Church, Mercy, save souls.  Repeat throughout the day with Me as a constant prayer throughout the day;

"Father, let this cup pass from me, but let Your Will be done and not mine.

Let all be one; one flock one shepherd."


Jesus I trust in YOU

June 12, 2016 Messge given to A Daughter of the Divine Will

Our Heavenly Father speaks:

I hear your cries My daughter and the cries of all those who are in distress.  I AM their merciful and loving Father, abound in mercy and love, prompt to answer all who call Me.


I have prepared many gifts for My children.  It is out of My boundless Mercy that I have prepared gifts and graces to shower upon mankind before the need is realized.  I always anticipate the need of My children because I AM the ALL, just as I anticipated and knew before all of creation the need of sending My Son through a virgin, a creature like you in all ways accept sin to redeem My children from eternal death and bring them to eternal life.  I have anticipated and known the needs of My children for their plan of salvation throughout the duration of history.  Why?  Why have I done so for such a sinful and rebellious generation that deserves destruction?  Because I AM GOD, a GOD who is CREATION itself, a perpetual LIGHT that has no beginning and no end.  And this is My promise, those who are Mine will be saved through the grace of everlasting life from My Son, Jesus the Christ, King of all that is created in the heavens and all the earth.  My perpetual act of creation is still an "undiscovered" reality by any creature only realized and understood completely by My Only begotten Son.  Only a God can know a God fully and completely.


I come to tell you more about the Community to be established.  A Community of Love, your community, a life that comes from Me, nurtured by US*, and supplemented by all the acts of love from the heavenly citizens.  Your world is not ready to accept the gift of My love, My Most Holy Will.  I am most anxious and excited, waiting for the door to open to the Heart of Man, (of which only I know that day).  More evil is allowed to let loose, day by day as you witness an increase in evil unleashed to such an extent your news venues hide the demonic sorcery manipulated by My adversary for its own purposes;  subverting the truth of the propensity of evil on a wide scale, making an alliance with darkness, and spreading lies.  Woe to those who hide evil, for they will have wished they had not come to life if they do not repent.


Man must realize he needs the Light of the Trinity to prepare himself to recognize and defeat evil.  You can only survive in peace through the community life first lived in your homes.  A life of prayer and work, a life of the sacraments and decrease in worldly entertainments and distractions.  SET YOUR EYES ON ME.  Cast aside your doubts and put the energy towards perseverance.


Soon, you will see a "Light from the East", take root in a small community in the South East corner of your country.


My Sons/Daughters of the Lamb, and your families, take note that those who follow the Directives given by My Mother, I ask for you to pray, and open your hearts of all I ask of you to continue to persevere so that your lives emulate the spirituality of the monastic life in your homes and in your lives.  For the community that is to come will be the fruit of your prayers, and your names are written in Gold on My Heart and the Heart of the one who is one with Me, Mary Immaculate.  You, My Little Lambs, My Lambs who' s names are written in the Book of Life, are called to be one with the Trinity through the Directives and path of holiness recommended in the messages of the Daughters of the Lamb and A Daughter of the Divine Will.  My Kingdom will come to reign in your hearts so all may see My plan for the world.  You are My first fruits.  A Light in the world for all to see and follow.  Look to Me, My Mother, and monastic life of Father Benedict (St. Benedict), the Father of Monastic Life for your path to holiness.

Let My Kingdom Come through You!

Your Heavenly Father

"Through Him we have received the grace of Apostleship, to bring about the obedience of faith, for the sake of His Name, among all the Gentiles among whom you are also called to belong to Jesus Christ, to all the beloved of God in Rome, called to be Holy.  Grace to you and peace from God Our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!"   Romans 1:5-7


*Refers to the Trinity

May 29, 2016  Message given to A Daughter of the Divine Will

Child of My Heart,  I wish to speak to My children about the Gift of Light.


The earth - the center of your universe was created by My light. A particle still mysterious to man, uncreated,  not of the earth. Who I ask, can describe and explain the Light of God?  Is the light the sun? No, for it sustains itself upon My light.  Is it the moon?  No, it too cannot survive without My light.  My light is an eternal mystery only understood when the soul is enraptured in My divine light, My gaze.


"Let there be Light" - Light the essence of My being, the refulgence, luminosity, indescribable phenomenon of Myself cannot be fully understood, touched, described, or preserved by man alone.


It took My Son, the Word made flesh to come to you through the womb of a holy virgin queen to manifest My likeness in a way you could grasp with your human intelligence.  In His ecstasy My Beloved John wrote the words in his first Epistle to describe to you not only who Jesus is and how He came to be among you, but also wrote about your Father, who I AM (1).


I come to you in Light, the same Light as recorded in the Epistle of John(2), in My words to John. That same light manifested to you throughout all of creation, from the very beginning of the universe. All is Light. All is your Father who has manifested His love all around you in all of nature.


I Love you in the sunlight.

I Love you in the rain.

I love you in the murmuring of the brook.

And I love you in the scent of the rose.


All of creation, My children, is an expression of My love for you.  All of this is proof of My love for you, and My continuous act of Let there be light!  Do not be dismayed My children by the end of the day, for in the Darkness of the day, there is also light.  Light is in all things because  I made it so....it is creation..it is life..from your Father.


Please remember always, that when you feel alone and in total darkness, especially My children who suffer from mental and psychological conditions - KNOW THIS - I AM WITH YOU.  Call out My name with your whole heart and soul, and you will feel My presence.  I am in your breath, in your heartbeat, the light that sustains you. I love you immensely, and unconditionally.


I created the world, your universe in darkness, with one WORD. Let there be light, and the light issued forth because I willed it so, and creation began, for the sun did not come until later on the day of your time.  I AM the Light of the World.


There is never darkness if you believe in Me. I AM the Light of the World since the beginning of your time, come to you through the power of the Holy Spirit in My divine Son Jesus.


Jesus Light of the World, Your Heavenly Father, I AM the Spirit of Light


 (1) John 1:1-5

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was with God in the beginning.  Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.  In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.  The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.


 (2) 1 John : 1-6

[1] That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life;
[2] (For the life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and shew unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us;)
[3] That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ.
[4] And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full.
[5] This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.
[6] If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth: