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May, 21, 2016 Messge given to A Daughter of the Divine Will

My child, your Father’s heart is filled with joy today.  Many of My children are hearing the voice of their Father, the voice of the Most High God. 


They must come to realize that all spiritual direction comes from Me. I am the source of all light to the soul. As the sun brings clarity to the world, exposing all My earthly creation, so does the light that comes from the Father, imbuing and saturating the darkest regions of your being.


My spiritual direction throughout the ages has manifested itself in many ways. It has reached My children through prophets, kings, saints.  My words are recorded in Holy Scripture, and the documents of My Vicars on earth. My direction for the church through My promised Holy Spirit has carved My desires in the magisterium of My church.  My creation, in particular the Grand Canyon is an example of the story of My church. The mighty river with the force of My Divine Will running through each drop of water, has carved and created the Great Canyon. You could say the river had a mind of its own, but no, all of nature has the Will of the Father and follows it perfectly.  It took many years for the canyon to be formed, through many acts of nature, and the convergence of water upon the elements gives you, My children, a wondrous display of one of the greatest acts of nature. This is an example of My most holy Will, how it directs all of nature over your time. My Divine Will over time, through the power of the Holy Spirit also directs My church.


My Holy Spirit in the rushing water points My church into the direction She must go. She sits as commander of the ship, at the forefront, with My Vicar at the helm. The church, the Holy Ship that will carry My children, will bring her safely to port, the Port of Heaven, the Heaven of the Sacred Heart, where her first stop is earth. This first dock, this first stop is the promised land, the promised Era of Peace as foretold by My Mother at Fatima, and prior to that many of My saints spoke of this era. My spiritual direction children, comes through My Church, the Documents written by My Vicars, the Words given to My saints and prophets of today.


I warn you today because many speak falsely of Me. Many claim to know Me, and do not. Many claim to have the true road to holiness and will mislead you, many speak in a mystical way, “tickling the ear”, but show no fruit. Many My children, show the crucifix only, but not the bloodied corpse that is nailed to it. There is no Era of Peace for a soul without the suffering of your cross, the cross I gave to every individual a gift prior to My ascension into Heaven. They do not speak My words of purity and truth, but their own doctrines, abusing the teachings of My church. To all those who claim to be Christians, including My own priest son’s, who preach your own interpretation of My words and teachings, outside of the teachings of My Church and misguide My children, I tell you and warn you now to search your hearts in silence and ASK ME to correct your misguided thoughts that come from satan. Are your words bringing My children to the cross of Christ, the cross of conversion and redemption? Do your words open the hearts of My children? If they do not…search your own hearts first. Only then, with a pure heart routed in Me through prayer can you bring My children back to Me.


My Daughter, Daughter of My Will, bring My children to My Will, bring My children into My Will, teach them by example, encourage them. For only here, (Jesus points to His Sacred Heart), will they find safety and grace.


You My children, must first DO My Will, follow My teachings, the Catechism, the documents written  and preserved through the ages and words given to My saints for your times, I have given you many. For your times especially, My Faustina, Luisa Piccarreta, John Paul II and all those before and after him.  All will lead to the Heaven of My Heart. Read their words, follow their examples and you will feel and hear My words echo in your heart. Prepare yourselves every day to receive Me, if not in the Eucharist, then Spiritually in My Word.


John the Apostle speaks:   When I wrote the Gospel attributed to me, the inspiration to do so was driven by the words and acts of Jesus implanted in my memory. Inspiration is brought forward from the soul to the memory when the Word of God is accepted, loved, and absorbed into the soul. The Eucharist carries all graces, grace builds upon grace through each Holy Communion received in a state of grace. When the Word of God is cherished by constant reflection, the soul brings to present the action of grace in the life of the soul.  My Gospel came to be because of the present moment of Christ in me, and the graces from the Sacred Heart.  When dear Jesus pulled me unto His chest the evening of His last Passover, a stream of grace flowed into myself that cannot be described in words. The graces from the Sacred Heart are the eternity, the beginning of now, the present moment. Do not discredit inspiration, for it is truly God working in the soul bringing it, (your soul), to His Heart. (John 13:23)


From the Hour of the Passion;  7 pm Hour:   As You grieve over Judas, Your Heart is filled with joy to see the beloved apostle John at Your left. And unable to contain Your love any longer, You gently draw him to You and make him rest his head on Your Heart, making him feel ahead of time, what paradise is like."

May 12, 2016  Message given to A Daughter of the Divine Will

I am here with you daughter in this special way to tell all My children that they will hear My voice as you do if they do as I ask.  I reside in the heart, and it is here that they will find Me in their hearts.


I AM the great Teacher, I AM the Holy Spirit of the Father and the Son, and I AM an entity unto Myself.  I AM one with the Father and the Son.  I AM the great eagle depicted in many artistically inspired works.  I AM the simple Dove that is described in the Gospel.


Prepare yourselves children to hear My Holy Spirit within you.  Cleanse yourselves and prepare for an outpouring of Myself into your hearts.  I have prepared a path of gold and precious gems before you.  This path is brilliant because it is imbued with precious stones and graces prepared for you.  Each of you have a separate and unique path, and all lead to the Heaven of My Heart.


Now, I will tell you how to find this path:


1.  Confess your sins.  Prepare yourselves for confession.  Be sincere and have a firm conviction to never sin again.  This is all I ask.  Pray beforehand for the graces needed for true repentance and you shall receive.  True repentance is the harbinger to the Door of Mercy and graces.


2.  On a daily basis sit in quiet and speak to Me.  Tell Me everything.  Ask Me with love for My help...and I will respond.  Do as this daughter of Mine does and write down what you hear in your heart.


3.  Read My Word.  Slowly.  Read My Songs of love throughout the ages in My Psalms, the Words given to My saints now here in Heaven with Me, but once on earth struggling like you.  The Words given by Me are eternal.  You will carry these Words in your heart forever.  I am alive in My Words, the Words in My Gospel and those given to My Saints.  I AM the Logos.  My Words will transform you.


4.  Worship Me in My Eucharist.  It is the Bread of eternal Life.  True worship is total abandonment to Me, casting all aside and giving all to Me in faith and trust.


"My Word, AND My total being consummated in the Eucharist, is alive and with you in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  It is your Heaven on Earth where all eternity is present in one sacred moment; it is the miracle of miracles."


“The Summit of the Doctrine of the Divine Will is this...to carry the Sacrifice of the Mass within you every moment of your life on earth.  It is the passport to your life in Heaven My dear children.  Life from Earth to Heaven is seamless for those who possess My Will."


Do as I ask children and you will hear My voice within you, My Life will begin to grow in you in a new way and We will begin a New Life together.  For I am with you always.......now and in eternity.  I Love you profoundly.....


Your Jesus


January 17, 2016 – Message given to A Daughter of the Divine Will

This morning as I was praying, fused in the Divine Will I came to the morning of the Resurrection.  Mary Magdalene was walking briskly before the two other women with anxiousness, a heavy heart and eyes swollen with tears. She noticed the stone moved from the tomb, looked quickly inside and did not see Jesus.


I was thinking about what it was like for all of them, all the Apostles and disciples.  What were their thoughts; this certainly was a time of confusion, pain, and crisis for all believers of Christ. How could it be that after all the miracles they saw, all the conversion of hearts, the magnetism that flowed from Jesus that this could all be over? Who could the Messiah be if it were not Him? Had God changed His mind and there would be no Messiah, no Resurrection? Could it be that the scriptures were false, that the scriptures were misinterpreted and we were all wrong?  I also recalled the conversation of those walking with Jesus on the road to Emmaus. There was confusion and fear everywhere for the followers of Christ. Many disappointed, heartbroken, and feeling hopeless…. This could be any one of us when terror grips our hearts, when we hear contradictions and wonder what is happening. We must remember to stay in His Will at the present moment, Fear Not, and we will pass the test. Children of the Divine Will absorb and fuse the contradictions into the Ocean of God’s Sea of Mercy, His Divine Will.


Jesus said:

My child reflect on this time at the time of My death, My crucifixion…How many were there? How many stood by My side? Will you stay with Me, or will you dessert Me? When My church as you know it now falls to the ground, it will be much like the time of the destruction of the temple. Peoples from foreign lands attacked the city, massacred all including little children with great brutality. How I lamented this and cried when I sat on the mountain and lamented:


"Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing.”  MATTHEW 23:37


The brutality of the destruction of Jerusalem was unparalleled, and this was a sign on a localized level of what evil unleashed will do to your world without My protection. If My children do not turn to Me this same evil, brutality will unleash itself in fullness on a global scale. You have seen nothing yet.


Mary at the foot of the cross suffered the crucible, the dagger that flagellated Her Heart to such immensity that she remain frozen, helpless, abandoned with Me; For We are as one. The blood from Her Heart gathered in one droplet and has been saved for an outpouring on this generation. It is this droplet of blood that is saved for all those who are written in the Book of Life. It is by Her blood comingled with Mine that the world and the Children of the Divine Will, the Children of the Renewal will be saved.


A great chastisement sometime in the future awaits My children for all those who have not converted their hearts. If they do not change after the blood that is spilled from the rampage of the son of destruction than what is left for Me to do?  Recall the destruction of Jerusalem, for the destruction of your world follows the same path.  A great ball of fire will fall from the sky and destroy all that is not of Me, all that is not holy. Its fire blast will take with it all that are not marked with the Cross of the Lamb. It will come with such speed that no one will have a place to run, no place to hide, the only place is the Heart of the Two that suffered for you, Your only place the shelter of the Blood and Tears of Mary comingled with the Blood of the Lamb. Prepare yourselves now, begin now, do not wait for fear and confusion grips the world as we speak, and those who have not asked for the graces needed, will be lost. It is the responsibility of those who have My Name on their lips to pray for those who do not, to offer themselves as Sons and Daughters of the Lamb, for those who do not, to suffer on the Cross of Life, for those who do not, and will be ready to offer their lives both spiritual and corporal for those far from Me. Your reward will be great and you will share with Me at My table the joys and bliss of Heaven being one with your Savior on Earth as it is Heaven. Be at peace child and know that these words flow from My Heart to yours. I love you, and all My children.


The Lamb of God


p.s. – We do not know when such things will occur, nor do we know the order of events, but Jesus is asking all those who profess to be His, consecrated to Him, to make more effort on offering their total selves to Him, including their wills to save as many people as possible. This includes people that are dying at this very moment. Jesus promises all those who meditate and fuse themselves in the Hours of the Passion, (can be found on Warriors of Mary website) save a soul from falling into hell with each word recited with love. Those who recite the Divine Mercy Chaplet in His Most Holy Will, the graces flow to all generations.



December 1, 2015 – Message given to A Daughter of the Divine Will

My children,

The days pass by one by one, and the realization of the coming events and the present events have not touched the minds of My children. They are as it seems still asleep, unaware of the present circumstances that are volatile.  In any given moment a match could be lit and touched to the wick that will explode and change history. Only your Savior can stop such an event as it stands at this moment.


Months ago, I revealed to you that the Phoenix had arisen in your country and taken flight.  Now, I tell you the Phoenix has wounded the Eagle, the Great Bald Eagle that represents your country is wounded, he has a broken wing and lays to the side of the road, neglected and suffering. My children, the escalation of violence will continue, your cities will deteriorate, your infrastructures will continue to weaken. Why do My children not come to me and ask for My help? Do you believe I have called this down on you My little ones? Do you think I have done this? I, My children am ALL Holy, I do not create evil, but evil has manifested itself in your world and continues to gain power by the tidal wave of sin in your country and the world. Yes, children as My Holy Scriptures state  to you the Coming of the Son of  God will be fast and furious, but before then, there will be disruptions in nature, there will be famines and wars, the sea will rise and cause great confusion among all....all as a result of sin. Then....to purify the earth, to save mankind from total destruction, and lessen the days of evil for the few that honor and love Me, I will allow evil to take its course along with nature to purify the earth before My Second coming. You My children, who do not follow my laws, must turn to Me in repentance and humility of heart, to save your selves from this wrath of evil, but also your brothers and sisters, so that they to can enter the Era of Peace and rebuild My Church. 


Soon, the Philistines will come from afar and continue to ravish your lands, your societies, your liberties. You must resist My children this evil that has progressed in your world. You must not deny the One True God. If you My children call out to Me, ask for My forgiveness in humility and sincerity of heart, your sins will be wiped clean and the graces I give you will be a coat of armor, a vestment to fight the evil that is upon you. Rise, My children, look to Me, I await your calls and pleadings with great anticipation. All the pain in the world is worth a "yes" to Me, for your "Yes" to Me creates the eternal mansion I have created for you in Heaven. Your continual "Yes" are the building blocks, the stones that build your home, and Your Jesus is the mortar that seals the stones. I promised you each a mansion as revealed to My Beloved John. (John 14:2) 


Fear Not, Do not Be afraid. Fear No-one, fear only the pains of hell if you deny Me. For it is written....

("...Fear Him that can destroy both soul and body in Hell" Mt. 10:28.)

Do not put Me through this death of losing you forever in Hell when I have already suffered for you and gained for you the graces to live in Me in Heaven, and  live in Me on this earth if you allow Me.   Say Yes My children, pledge yourselves to the Immaculate One, Consecrate Yourselves to Her, join My Army, the Army of the Warriors of  Holy Mary, Your Queen.


Jesus, Son of the Warrior Queen



November 10, 2015 – Message given to A Daughter of the Divine Will

Your Mother is here My daughter.

Destruction is upon your country

Destruction is upon your country

Destruction is upon your country

Soon My children the bowels of the earth will open and destroy many highways, roads, buildings in certain areas. Jesus has given you a sign of the impending destruction in the hills of Wyoming. The earth is revolting because the caretakers of the earth are against God's Divine Will. Who are the caretakers? You My children, you were given this earth as your home, but many of My children are against God's Will and the elements will show  their force in an act of nature. This can be averted, decreased if God wills by reciting the prayers of the Trisagion, fasting, performing acts of mercy in reparation for the sins committed by those in your country. These acts of reparation that come from the heart will serve to quell the fires of the earth and the just anger of  God.


Prior to the earthquake a "Wind" will blow across the land, it is the sign of the Holy Spirit; another grace given to you to call those in sin back to repentance. It is also a sign of hope because God always gives hope as a sign even in the midst of impending destruction. Many signs are given to you My children. This a sign and act of God's Mercy. Open up your hearts and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in prayer and cleanse you, allow the Holy Spirit to open your eyes and minds to the words and thoughts He wishes to give you.  This Wind is a gift from My Spouse at My request to nourish and assist My children who are in great need, so they may be prepared and at peace with all that is to come in the near future. There will be no fear for those who heed My requests, for I hold you in the Wound of My Heart.

Prepare yourselves for the winds of grace

Prepare yourselves with prayer, fasting, and confession

Your Heavenly Mother


Link to the The Trisagion Prayers



October 7, 2015 – Message given to A Daughter of the Divine Will

My Dearest children,

Today I come to you as Our Lady of Soufaneih in these most dire and dark times in which you live. Look to Me your Mother exists with Her Son in the Church of the East and the Church of the West and come under My protection as My special lights in a world of profound darkness.


On this special day dedicated to Me as Our Lady of the Rosary I ask you to cast your eyes upon Syria where the greatest of sufferings and martyrdoms are taking place as we speak.


My dear children, help Me, I beg you from My heart that is in constant pain with the present atrocities. My heart is broken. Always joined to the heart of My Son, these sufferings turn to graces, as I am the one Full of Grace. I desire to share these graces with you, My children.


Your brothers and sisters suffer greatly; the suffering is beyond your comprehension. Many are martyred, for you and your children, and all future generations, for their blood is not in vain, but for the sake of My Son’s Kingdom and the destruction of the kingdom of satan.


This is the time for My Warriors of the Holy Sword to assist Me, to take part and do battle with Me for those that are suffering on the soil where ancient seeds of Christianity were sown, and also where an infinite stream of graces will come forth.


It is the time and I ask all to allow Me to pierce your hearts with the Sword in a mystical way so your blood and sufferings through prayer will be joined with the blood and sufferings of your Eastern brothers and sisters, Your Sister Church.


My Little Warriors your prayers for my children will pierce the heavens hastening the Kingdom of God like a sweet perfume before the throne of God as I carry them in My mantle. Only in this way will the Will of the Eternal Father be accomplished, through suffering and prayer, offering oneself to God mitigating the atrocities and bringing those who suffer closer to Christ My Son, and begging for Mercy and conversion for those in serious sin, especially at the moment of death.


My little Warriors I ask you for seven days to join with your Mother in prayer reciting the following prayers. Please join your Mother. Know I stand beside you and you are not alone, ever. Thank you my dear ones for your prayers and taking the time to read this request. Place these words in your heart and ponder what I am asking of you.


Mary, Mother of All Graces


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