Letters from Jesus to My Priest Sons

Hebrews 7:17  “For it is attested of Him,



Ottavio Michelini (14 August 1906 - 15 October 1979) of Mirandola, Italy was an Italian Roman Catholic Priest, considered to be a mystic.  In 1975 he began to publish books pertaining to his visions of Jesus and Mary.  Attached are the four volumes.  He wrote many things about the Priesthood, evils within the church, the world, and Vatican 11.

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Letters to My Priest Sons

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Letter #1 to My Priest Sons

July 26, 2015, A Daughter of the Divine Will

Dear children, I desire today to open your eyes to the role of My Priests. This message today is for all My Priests.


All My Priests, I created your hearts before the moment of conception in your mother’s womb. I created your hearts to be identical to mine in all things. You, My dear Priests carry and have My Most Sacred Heart within you. You are My very echo, the carriers of My Life, a lightning rod of grace to and for others, that is how I created you, My Priest. I speak to each and every one of you, We are one. Your mother’s womb, a most holy dwelling place, your mother was chosen to be the special vessel in which the graces would flow from Me, to them to you. The holiness of a mother, any mother cannot be fully understood in this world of time, but in eternity you will see through Me what this means. The mother of a Priest is given a special gift, a charism to mold this very special Son of Mine from her own flesh. They are very much like My Mother, and My Mother, the Mother of all graces, has taken a very special maternal role too in the formation of Her Priest Sons.  These mothers, therefore, are like My mother, they are a choir unto themselves, and will surround Her in heaven as Her special daughters. They are like Her, with the exception that She was not born of original sin, due to Her Role as the Mother of God, She was to carry the High Priest, the sinless One.


From within your mother’s womb, I called you My dear Priest Son, nurtured you for the sacred vocation, so that you would say “Yes” to offer yourselves as victims, victims of My love, and to immolate My life in every moment in yours, expiating and offering yourselves to Me for the souls put under your watch. Some of you have turned the ear of your heart away from Me and followed the world instead of the vocation I had chosen for you. Some of you answered, and offered yourselves to Me, your heavenly Spouse forever. You who have done so are constantly under My protection and My Precious Gaze. You are mine forever, a Priest forever in the Order of Melchizedek. How I long to have you with Me joined with all the saints and Me your Savior. I am so very proud of you My Priests who govern yourselves according to the Traditions of My church, and follow the beat of My Sacred Heart that I have created within you. Do not despair; look always at Me and My example in the Gospel’s. Let My Gospel be your story, adapt it to your lives. Keep your gaze fixed upon Me always.


There are your brother Priests who I beseech and ask for your assistance who are far, far, from Me. They walk the road to perdition; do you not know how this pains Me? This was My greatest pain in the Garden of Gethsemane, those Priests who deserted Me. There are also some of My Priests who only know Me through Doctrine, Homiletics, and Scholastic debates and challenges, turning the role of the Priesthood into a career of study and personal accomplishment. Their hearts are dry, arid,  thirsting for the living waters of grace; graces that I give only to My Priest Son’s because I have given Myself entirely to them in trust, to incarnate Me with the Father and the Holy Spirit upon your holy altars of consecration. Can I give you any more My Sons?  You My Priests who are loyal to the Holy Father by your acts and with your hearts, I ask you to reach out to those Priests that need Me, to be an example of the Truth of My Priesthood, to preach with Faith, Simplicity and the power of Myself within you. Show them the Truth of the Life of Jesus Christ in you. These Priests far from Me, do not know Me, or the truths of the one true faith.


I ask all of My Priests to look to Peter, look to his example of simplicity, his love for the Gospel, for the Gospel is Me, Your Jesus. I beg you, pray for your brother Priests, for much is at stake. My Sons the Church needs Victim souls, you My sons were conceived from the first moment of life as victim souls. You are the FIRST LINE OF DEFENCE in protecting and saving souls. There is much suffering to come, but through this suffering a resurrection of the One True Faith. Stand tall and be ready to defend My Church.  There is a war ahead. I thank you and honor you My dear Sons for your service and fidelity to Me.

Jesus, your crucified High Priest


Letter #2 to My Priest Sons

August 2, 2015, A Daughter of the Divine Will

My dear daughter, today I desire to continue to speak to and about My Priest Sons, all who are very special to Me. All called by Me and consecrated in the wombs of their mothers. My Priest Sons are also born of My mother, for I too was born of Her; so how is it that some of you, My Priest Sons, do not feel that you must not have an intimate relationship with My Mother, the Mother of all Graces?


I was born of Her, by choice; I took Her flesh and blood, was nurtured by Her words and prayers whilst I was still within Her womb, a sanctuary of grace, a living tabernacle. All of nature recognized this, all those who were truly in My Will, recognized this special air and grace of My Mother who carried the Word. I gave you the reaction of Elizabeth in My Gospel, My cousin who immediately recognized Me within my Mother and proclaimed  “How is it that the Mother of My Lord should come to me?”, were the humble words of St. Elizabeth filled with the Holy Spirit. This is a great sign to you, a great lesson, that all should recognize Me in others through the gift of My Holy Spirit, and more so, all should also recognize My Mother as inseparable from Me, and a Gift to you My Sons of predilection, and Sons of special graces.


Recognize the Marian dogmas, not because of a requirement by My Church, but because I desire that you recognize the gifts and the graces She brings to your Most Holy vocation.  My Sons, when I was weary and tired from My travels, weary from the lack of faith, I turned to My Heavenly Father for relief. Yes, I was God, why would God be weary, God who is perfect?  For your sake, My Sons.  It was for you that I allowed this weariness to take over My spirit, so that I could first make reparation for all the times you would be weary, and gain the grace for you to be holier through your trials.  Everything My Sons, My examples of My life were for you.  Also. My dear Sons, when I was weary, after praying to My Father and yours for you, do you know what I looked forward to the most?  My  Mother.  It was My Mother who was there with Her arms open wide ready to sooth My wounds from all the indifferences, calumnies, and lack of faith that I had received from My children.  It was My Mother, who I  created  Immaculate that understood Me, and endured all My trials with Me.  


My Sons, I desire that you look to My Mother for all your needs.  Are you greater than I?  That I, the Son of God looked to Her because I created Her to be all love, that you should not go to Her?  My Sons, She is the Queen of the Universe, but first My Sons She is YOUR MOTHER too.  At the time of My crucifixion, near the end, prior to My declaration of death, I said “Son, this is your Mother”, to John the Beloved. She is the Mother of all, but in a very unique way to you My Sons.  Give all to My Mother My Sons, and you will see She will enrich you with graces reserved to come from Her hands only to you; She will lift you up and fill your hearts with a sublime and supernatural tenderness. The same tenderness your God received from Her. Why would you not desire this grace that was also given to all My Apostles?


My Dearest Sons, I desire you ask My Mother to come into your lives in a more powerful and way, call upon Her for everything for the trials ahead of you are great, and many of My children are in need of your counsel and graces and gifts that are given to you only due to your vocation.  Know My Sons, that you must enter the Wound of My Mother’s Heart to obtain the graces, strength, and perseverance needed to guide My Church, and My children. This is a directive from heaven, My Sons.

Go to My Mother.

I Love you with an immensity that pains My Heart.  All of you, especially those far from Me.

Mary Conceived without Sin, Pray for us who have recourse to Thee!



Letter #3 to My Priest Sons

August 12, 2015, A Daughter of the Divine Will

My daughter continue to write, write the words I place upon your heart.


My Dear Priest Sons,

Your Jesus comes to you with His Heart wide open. I come to you this way to ask of you the same, to come to Me with your hearts wide open. This is a most important lesson, and a request that I have of you.


Open Wide Your Hearts to Me, your Savior


Let us face each other through our hearts. You see, My sons, your heart was fashioned within your mother’s womb to be like mine, to also walk in My steps, breath with My breath, and imitate Me totally in your lives, always, and not some of the time. My life in you must continue beyond the altar, beyond the confessional, and after the baptismal font. My life in you, passed on through the hands of My anointed one must continue on until you take your last breath.  The Seal of My Love, My very Life was placed on your heart forever; you are bonded to Me in such an intimate way, with a Seal that can never be broken, for I made this promise to you on the day of your ordination.


Some of you, My Dear Son’s, have become disheartened and weary, you question your faith and your purpose. You are scorned and mistreated by many. I say to you this day, ”This is the time to rise up.”


Open your hearts to Me!


so the Fire of My Love will shine through you so bright that I will produce and remain in you as a burning ember within you, a Beacon of My Love you will  become, you are My predilection; I envy and yearn for your love, to burn within you, and place My Holy Spirit with a tempest of Love, Fire, and Holy Desire that those around you will know My presence is with you always, not only in the administration of the Sacraments, but I AM with you always, the Flame that never dies. Oh, how I desire to light the world on fire through you My Sons, it is through you that I have predestined to set the world on fire, to guide My sheep back to Me through Love and Mercy!


I ask you, I beg you My Sons, to allow My Mother to comfort you and teach you My ways. My Sons I need you; My flock thirsts for the living waters of  life;  My flock, My children, desperately need to see Me in you. They need to see My strength, compassion, perseverance in all you do, and the Truth in all My doctrines of My church. Allow Me to purify you through My Cross of Suffering and Love. It is here you will find Me closest to you, on the Cross of Suffering. It is when you feel you have reached your limit; you have reached the bottomless pit and no longer have the strength to carry on that you must open your heart totally to Me. I promise, you will reach new heights of grace and sanctity to carry out your ministry. It is only by facing the cross with Me, your one and true Spouse that you will reach the summit and fulfill your mission.  My love for you, My Sons, is incomprehensible to you in this life.




Your Jesus begs you to persevere. I stand beside you always.


Jesus, Son of the Warrior Queen