Letters from Jesus to My Priest Sons

Hebrews 7:17  “For it is attested of Him,


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Letters to My Priest Sons

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Letter #4 to My Priest Sons

August 30, 2015,  A Daughter of the Divine Will

My Dear Priest Sons, do you see the image above of My Vicar in Adoration? This picture is an icon of which I desire you lay your eyes upon and ponder.  Meditate on this image My Sons, for it is the ”WHOLE OF YOUR PRIESTHOOD”.  Ask and you shall receive, knock, and the door is open to you.  It is you My Sons; My Very Dear Sons that I am asking to walk right into the Monstrance and Live with ME, the Life of your Savior, Jesus Christ.  Not only do I desire for you to live in the Eucharist with Me, I desire you also live through it, taking My very Life and learning what it means to be a Living Host among My children.  Your reward will be great.


This Life of a Living Host is the life I have chosen for you.  I did not choose for you to be scholars, educators, scientists, or for other careers to be your primary focus.  No, although these avenues I have allowed to assist My children through My Church are vital to the life of the Church, your FIRST and FOREMOST Focus, must be My Eucharist.  You must be focused on ME every moment and all of your actions must be an offering for My Kingdom on earth to reign.  You must radiate My Life among and to My children; My Love, Compassion, and My Gospel.  They must look to you and see Me.


For some of My priests your busy schedules and demands take your focus away from your one true mission.  Ask yourself, “If I was truly focused, on the Eucharist, always, how would My day change?” I promise you, I solemnly promise you, that if you prostrate yourselves before Me consistently, asking for My Mercy for you and the whole world, your priorities will change, your ministry will change, and those around you will see the change in you.  The priorities of your mission will simplify itself….  My Sons, you have Me in the palm of your hands (Jesus smiles), what are you waiting for?


Saint John Vianney speaks:  “My Sons, I was ridiculed for my devotion and simplicity.  Confession and the Eucharist became my only joy, because I knew, and Jesus made sure I knew that this was what pleased Him the most.  Jesus desires that you be the Holy Stars He created you to be, by abandoning yourselves completely to His Most Holy Will, and asking Him to make you the Living Host he desires you to be for the world.  This is a slow constant martyrdom, my fellow priests, but you know what awaits you upon the completion of your mission on earth, if you truly FOLLOW Him.”


My Dear Sons of My Heart, My Most Sacred Heart, look upon the image above of the Holy Father prostrate before Me.  Do you know what He is doing? He is offering himself for you...as I did on the cross.  I carried a special place in My Heart for each and every one of you as I suffered.  I saw all of your faces, all of your sins, and I pleaded for you to be Like Me in every way, and to BE ME in every way. 

BE ME My Sons, Live in Me, We are one.



Letter #5 to My Priest Sons

September 13, 2015,  A Daughter of the Divine Will, The Walk to Calvary

“For the pillars of the earth are the Lord’s and He has set the world upon them.”  1 Samuel 2 v 8


My Dear Priest Sons, the words above come from My Heart, they are meant for you.  I know the weight of the world that comes upon you, the calumnies, the contradictions, the lack of faith, and the loneliness.  Sometimes My Son’s the walls seem to close in upon you, do they not?  Does it seem at times that no one hears you, that I do not hear you, and that the skies have closed above you?  Oh My Dear ones, do not lose hope, do not lose faith, for these things too I have felt and yes, continue to feel (this is a great mystery) for all, and for you in particular.  I am your High Priest, I am at the head, the summit of your walk, I have gone before you in all you experience, every moment, and I am here now whispering in your ears like a gentle breeze the words and graces you need to carry on. 


I walked before you knowing full well that My son, anointed priest and bishop (Judas), would betray Me.


I walked before you in the beginning of My ministry when I preached, and no one listened.


I walked before you when My very own relatives called Me a madman, a heretic, a usurper of the law.


I walked before you when many came to Me asking advice on the law, advice on their quarrels, and with patience and wisdom gave them the answer from Heaven.  This was My ministry of confession, My Sons.


I walked before you when I prayed in solitude for long hours.


I walked before you and allowed Myself to be tempted by Satan himself for your sake.


I walked before you after I said goodbye to your Heavenly Mother, with a heavy heart as I walked that last night to have the Passover meal with My Apostles, you were with Me.


I walked before you when I instituted the Eucharist, each and every one of you were with Me in spirit.


And I carried each and every one of you on My shoulder between My shoulder and My cross, you were in that very wound, that most painful wound in My shoulder, My Sons.


My Sons you must follow Me in every one of My acts, you must make reparation with your Savior for all those I have given to you in solitude, prayer, begging for Mercy, for I am not only with you, I am IN YOU.  For you are the Salt of the Earth; without you who will offer to Me all, who will save the ones I have given you?  This is your Calvary My Sons, this is your walk. 


Time is short, please reflect on the activities in your lives and ask yourselves “Is this the Will of the Father in my ministry, or is it my will?”  I will tell you, if you come to Me and ask Me.  My Sons you will be judged on how you loved Me, how many souls you prayed for, and did you feed the ones I sent to you?  Did you console those who are downtrodden?  Did you look with mercy upon your enemies and bless them?  Did you speak about sin and the very life and possibility of hell?  Were you there to administer the sacraments, and reach out to those in sin? Did you ask Me, Father, “what should I do?”


My Sons you will not survive without placing yourselves in every moment in My Life and how I lived on earth.  You will be tested and tried in the days ahead.  Come to Me My Sons for I am the only answer in these troubled times, these times when My Church is ready to crumble, this is allowed by Me.  I need the Pillars of the Earth, My Priest Sons, to rebuild My Church in the future; for it will be more resplendent than before.  I need you My Sons as My hands and My very Life on earth to do it.  You are My Life on earth, how I love you.


Come Follow Me to Calvary, the Road is difficult, but short with Me.  I love you Always My Sons.

Your Rock, Your Jesus.



Letter #6 to My Priest Sons

January 24, 2016, A Daughter of the Divine Will

My dearest Sons, upon the creation of the universe all was accomplished, all was decided, all was decreed by the Most Holy Trinity; all truths from all eternity into one eternal moment that is created into your reality, the dimension of your earth time.  The earth is the habitat more beautiful than all other planets in your galaxy and beyond what I permit man to see in other worlds I have created.  All the other planets have a semblance of My creation, a semblance of their Creator.  If one is to contemplate creation with My eyes they will see Me in the darkness of the planets, and the colors as the colors describe part of what the planets are, their brightness and luminosity in light of My Mind.


All of creation is an echo of the Holy Trinity.  As My Holy Spirit swept across the earth in the first epoch of creation it gathered together all the elements, embraced them within His arms and gave the elements their first kiss of light, their first embrace from their God, the command to generate the world with the properties I had created.  Just for you My children, and you My Sons to be the teachers of My Ways.  To show My children how to contemplate Me.  Then, in unison and one breath We contemplated the creation of man.  He would be Our ruler of the earth, he would be Our first child created from within Our womb to be Our little king, Our Ruler of the planet chosen by Us.  He would prepare the earth for Our coming when through the Word, God would then rule over all the earth with complete love and cooperation with all His children.  They would all be one with Us.


When We created Adam, within him was deposited the mysteries of the Trinity, the mysteries of true life within the three Persons, the perfection of all , the fount of all, mysteries that not even the cherubim possess.  Adam was My first Priest Son, gifted with all that was necessary to pass to all generations, a true knowledge of God, but it was not only knowledge that We truly desired for Our children to understand Us, but to use the knowledge to truly “know” their God and Father in love.  Through the faculties of the soul We created Three perfect veins for Our children to not only know Us but truly live within Us.  And in his pure state this is how Adam knew Us, and this is how all Our children will come to know Us soon, very soon.


We have opened the doorways and the graces of Our Divine Will are ready to pour out and into all souls in a state of grace, to come back to their true origins, to a true Life in God as was promised from creation.  It is you My Priest Sons whom I desire to open this door, to profess the truth, to no longer hide the mystery that has been revealed through Luisa Piccarreta.  You must first live and come to know Me in this light, through reading, yes My Sons, but look to Adam, My first Son before sin.  How is it that he came to know the names of animals?  The same way that you identify My qualities in all of creation.  Adam “knew” Me, he saw Me in each and every created thing around Me, and named the animals accordingly, he knew in his heart.  And you too My Dear Sons, must come to know Me in this same way, by asking Me for the grace, by asking Me in sincerity for the Holy Spirit to reveal to you to live in you in simplicity and to teach you His truths, which are simple.  We ask you My Sons, to STUDY US, to search for US, for your answers are in US alone, and We desire you live in US to fulfill your priestly mission on earth.  The Life of the Divine Will is the essence of all your Sacraments My Dear Sons, that come through the Life of My Son, your High priest, Jesus Christ.  I love you My Sons, immensely and profoundly…Come Follow Me.  Come to know Your Father in a more intimate way, through the life of My Most Holy and Divine Will.

Letter #7 to My Priest Sons

July 13, 2016, A Daughter of the Divine Will

This message is for My Priest Sons who are far from Me. In particular, those who do not honor Me through their disrespect towards My Vicar.


I ask you My dearest Sons, those of you who throw stones at My Vicar; as it was in My day when I walked the earth, those who claimed to be the most faithful criticized Me with their assessments, analyzing and misinterpreting My teachings and conversations.  Are you doing the same to Me now with your coldness and complaints to the one I have placed on the throne of Peter?


Pilot asked Me, "What is Truth?" His question concerned the humanistic philosophy, opinions, and debates of the time among the religious and pagan philosophers. Pilate refused to search within his heart for the answer, the answer I had placed in his heart.  If he had only listened to the yearnings of his heart, he would have seen the injustice. He was in bitter turmoil, searching for a solution of what to do with Me. I was called a liar, a hypocrite, a slanderer, and a devil worshiper. It was the gossip and the frenzy of the crowd, lies, and rumors, that led Me to My crucifixion.


My Sons, I AM the truth, I have spoken through My Vicar.  The Holy Spirit has chosen him for this epoch period of the Church. Historic moments await you. Listen to him; like Me he speaks from the simplicity of his heart. He leads the life of a simple shepherd. He also speaks provocative words to awaken the world.


I come soon, but what will I find when I come? Is there a place within the hearts of My faithful for Me to abide? Am I not cast out even by My own? My sheep are scattered to the point that the wolf has cornered them, ready to devour them, and carry them off to hell. Where are My shepherds? Do you hear Me calling your names My Sons? My sheep no longer hear My call, they hear the calls of the world, they have become like statues, cold and difficult to penetrate.


My Sons do not sit in complacency and comfort, for the wolf knocks at the doors of My children's homes, the door to their souls. You are My chosen shepherds that carry the medicine for the soul, speak loudly! Awaken the hearts of My children with My words of Love that I will put in your mouth if you would step out with faith. Proclaim My Love to the world without fear. You will also receive stones as I did, but ahh... your reward and the joy of My Love within you will push you forth past the roads of Damascus and echo to the ends of the earth as My Holy Spirit did in My first Apostles. Have no fear. My Vicar has opened the Doors of Mercy throughout the world. He continues to walk forward with his staff, and does not relent, he does not turn back, he does not weaken to those who accuse him of falsehood, and blasphemy. He is to be respected for if you do not respect him, you have none for Me.


You must be united My Sons. No division and arguments between your brother priests. The great persecution is upon you and My children need Me, I need you. I need to be alive in you to the fullest. Be My shepherds, show Mercy to all you encounter, SEARCH for My lost sheep as the Father in the parable that I told to the multitude did. Bring them to the Gate. I too will ask you one day "What is Truth? It is MY Mercy and MY Will you must search to understand to live the answer to this question. The Voice of your True Shepherd is

Jesus - Mercy

Letter #8 to My Priest Sons:  The Flame of My Heart

June 24, 2017, A Daughter of the Divine Will

My Dear Sons,  from the moment of My incarnation I was in constant martyrdom.  This was the Father’s plan, and I obeyed with great love and anticipation to do the Will of the one who sent Me.  You too, My dearest of sons, were in the Fathers plans from all eternity.  Within the womb of the heavenly Virgin, I prepared a special place for you, I knew always of the sufferings you would endure, the emptiness you would experience, the rejection, and how you would be subject to calumnies and misunderstood.  


You are My lambs that like Me, are led to the slaughter.  A constant martyrdom, in silence, I AM with you especially in these times, there is no separation between us.  In the one breath of creation, when Life was given to the world, you were bound to Me forever for the salvation of the world.  You are the Flame of My Heart and the Flame of the World.  Your mission My Sons is to save souls through the powers I have given you.  Each of you is unique with special gifts but equally important, for each of you bear the mark, the Flame upon your heart for the mission of the souls I have given you.


There is nothing more important, remember the covenant and the promise between you and Me.  I have entrusted you with My Heart to give to My children, My Heart of Mercy, My Heart of Patience, My Heart of Kindness, My Heart of Truth, but most of all My Eucharistic Heart that comes from the very flame ignited by My broken Heart on the Cross of Love, Calvary.  It is here your flame burns brightest; it is on the altar of love, the altar of Calvary that the blood from My Heart is most powerful, and in your very hands.  


I come only to you My Sons in this way, an Open Flaming Heart, innocent and vulnerable to inflame you so that our hearts are one.  Look deeply into your hearts My Sons, what do you see?  It is only you that can pass the Flame of My Love to My children.  You are the Sons of Love.  Allow My Love to refresh you.


I am Your God, but also your brother.  You are the life of My bride, the Church.