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Rising of the Phoenix Messages

“These will wage war against the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them, because He is Lord of lords and King of kings and those who are with Him are the called and chosen and faithful.” Revelations 17:14

May 16, 2015  The Explanation of the Phoenix

Given in the May 13th Message below

Heavenly Father, I praise You, thank You, adore You with all the angels and all of creation in your Most Holy Will. I ask for Your Mercy on my sins and those of all peoples. Please dear Trinity of Love, grant me the grace of recollection of words that you have told Me and the confidence to record what You will…


My Dear Child,


I want My children to know the explanation of the Phoenix and about the meaning of its rising;


The Phoenix is a “bird of prey”, a bird from ancient mythology created in man’s mind by the Powers of darkness. For when man seeks powers outside of God, the evil spirit will resurrect by the power of suggestion whatever man seeks, creating a false illusion of truth. If man’s will is bent towards powers outside of My heavenly Realm, the true reality of the universe, the devil will supply him with those desires he seeks. And so, many years ago came this idea invented by the devil of the mystery of The Phoenix.


The Phoenix and the evil power behind it were worshipped in ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt with its worship of many deities, held a prominent place for the ominous bird called The Phoenix, so much so that a city was named after it, and there are other cities in other parts of the world that also have this name, including your territory of Arizona. The Phoenix resembles in nature both the Hawk and the Albatross, a bird of great flight with great power and majesty that creates fear in many other birds. So then, what does this mean for America you may ask?


The Phoenix has been worshipped and called upon to make great changes in your country by those who seek to worship the spirit of the anti-christ. Phoenix is ready to manifest himself and take flight with his mighty wings. The people who call upon his power are those who worship pagan idols, those who desire the fruits of the flesh and who clench their fists at God. Now children, what is the great symbol of America, the symbol of your freedom of the graces bestowed on America? – The mighty Eagle. In days to come, they will do battle, the Eagle and the Phoenix. It is ancient Egypt that enslaved my people of Israel, My chosen children the Israelites. You My children chosen to live in America are the new Israel, you must do battle against the forces of the Phoenix. Do not allow what happened in Israel to come to pass in America. For you are chosen to do battle to defend your country and do battle with the Sword and the Cross.


I tell you children as to prepare you to be on guard, to open your spiritual eyes and know that this mythical creature exists in spirit and your country is open prey due to its many sins. His talons will clutch the eagle: Will you America allow the Eagle to die?


Be Ready My children to battle with the mystical Sword and Cross of heaven, for I AM with you!


Jesus, Son of God – Son of the Warrior Queen



May 13, 2015,  Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima 

My Child,

Many things of occurrence have been revealed to you in the past few days, many more revelations of My desires on how you are to stay in My protection will come forth from you for all who are willing to listen.


For many years I have told you of the coming events to take place, all events are dependent on prayer, for through prayer many chastisements are mitigated or suspended. You child of My will, have been faithful to My commands, following My will, fusing yourself in all of your acts trusting Me to know that it is I living in you. Tell  My children, that this is My desire for all of them, to protect them in these times.


“Your Father desires to Live in all of you. I desire to make My home in you.”


Not only because this has been My Will since all of eternity, My eternal plan, but because I want all of My children to be saved from the grave evil that will continue to besiege and possess the earth.


From within the earth will come evil never imagined, a darkness unsuspected to all except a very elite few…those who belong and work for the evil one. The serpent who was commanded to the dirt to live, eat, and be subject to the “Heel of the Woman” has arrived. He will continue to manifest himself in your technology, your government, your schools, and human nature as well as nature itself. All will be under his control. My children, I allowed this, it was allowed because of the choices made by most of My children with their free will. I was cast out of your technology, the minds of scientists, teachers, government, medicine, and education. I have been cast aside and now even to the point where generations do not even know Who I Am. I promise to protect all My children who with a sincere heart abandon themselves to Me, every child from the least to the greatest, the non-believers, Hindus, Jews, followers of Islam, all of you if you call out My Holy Name, and cry out for forgiveness with a repentant heart. You are all mine until you tell Me otherwise. Someday you will have to make that choice, and I tell you, pray I give you the chance to make that choice. For you do not know when I will stop your last heartbeat. You are not mine if you choose to not follow My commandments. For I will tell you I do not know you. Begin following My laws, for they were written on your hearts with My own finger and FORGED with the blood of My Son, the Blood of the Lamb. Do not allow the Serpent who spews his fire like a dragon to touch you with his provoking and alluring ways of the world.


The spirit of the anti-christ was unleashed after My Ascension as described by John the Beloved and has increased in Power and Evil over the ages. The evil spirit of the anti-christ, the Serpent of Old, My adversary has culminated now, into the epitome of all evil, the spirit of the anti-christ is ready to take the form of flesh, yes total evil embodied in flesh. He is a human being. But AH! It is your Father in Heaven who is the only one that knows the day or the hour of his appearance. I warn you do not wait until his arrival, do not look and see who he could be, it is only for you to look around and see that the world is now prepared to enthrone him and his worldly ways when certain events are manipulated to prepare his entrance. Just as I the long awaited Messiah was welcomed into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday by the masses, so will the anti-christ be hailed and shown to his throne. I gave you a throne of love and peace; he will at first give you glamour, riches followed by horrors.


You may ask “Father what are we to do, How can we exist amongst such evil.?” I will tell you how! By invoking the ancient prayers of the Trisagion, by invoking the protection of the choirs of angels, by praising US with total abandonment and trust, by giving US your fidelity, and invoking the name of the Immaculate One, consecrating your Heart, home, and families to Her continually, for  We ae Thrice Holy and our holiness is unending.  (a link to the Trisagion Prayers is below message)


I ask you to stop procrastinating, the analysis, the pettiness, the bantering among My children and form prayer groups. Prayer will form a City of Defense, fortified by My Holy Spirit and surrounded by my Angels. Your Mother Queen of Sorrows and Queen of the Divine Will, will form you and prepare you to be the serious Warriors of Her army to do battle. Like all good soldiers training camps are necessary. The training camps are your churches and homes. Your ammunition is My Eucharist, your Defense is My very own Divine Will. For whomever fights against you, my true children, My true warriors, fights against Me.


Listen to Me carefully, with the ears of your heart…Earlier I revealed to you (Feb 1st message)


“The country that bares the symbol of a bird that soars across the sky with majestic wings will be the cause of much destruction. Its talons have pierced other countries with it’s power and deception. Wisdom is needed here. Pray for wisdom children to understand what I am telling you. You must pray children for My justice will soon be revealed.”


This bird is not an Eagle, is not a Hawk, but it represents “The Rising of the Phoenix from the ashes of the soil of America.”  Once it rises the transformation of your country will have taken place in full, very quickly, for the evil forces of your country have all prepared for the transformation of the country that once represented the United States of America. Your only defense is Me and the Sword of Truth, the Sword of Mary. Be simple and do as I ask, be my Lambs. To protect yourself begin by confessing your sins and reciting the prayers mentioned, My Mothers Rosary and abandon yourselves to us in Trust.


Your Heavenly Father, The Divine Son, and The Holy Spirit of Love.


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