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Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, June 29th

Warriors Of Mary

St. Peter

On this special day we extend an invitation to all who arrive at this page to open your hearts to the pleadings from heaven. It is of significance and without incident that the birth and launching of this apostolate comes on the feast day of Saints Peter and Paul.  Just as the doors of the ancient church were open, and the life of Christ flowed to newly baptized Christians through the ministries of Peter and Paul, so too was born this Apostolate of the Daughters and Sons of the Lamb. The messages and prayer groups have extended to 70 countries.

Warriors Of Mary

On this day marks another new beginning, another door that Our Heavenly Mother is opening to the Chamber of Her Heart, to call us deeper into the mysteries withheld within Her for all Her children who are willing to know more of the Kingdom of Heaven through Her very Life which is joined as one heartbeat with Her Son’s.


The present era holds a dark forecast for our country and the world. The days ahead continue to unleash confusion, deception, and treachery, while many still dance in the street and enjoy the ways of the world ignoring the signs of the times as written by Saints Peter and Paul.


However, the good news is the gospel of Christ, for in the end we know we “win”. The heavenly plan is simple, the darker the world becomes the brighter becomes the Heart of  Mary. She coaxes and beckons all to walk towards Her without haste and to trust like little children. She bends to us with outstretched arms waiting to coddle and warm us, to fill us with grace and hope. She promises to protect us from evil and anxiety. She will instruct us and guide us on the path that leads to safety and sanctity within the Wound of Her Heart.


She also tells us the path will not be easy, we must take the Cross and guard it with the Sword, Her Sword, the same Sword which pierced Her Heart, She now offers to pierce our hearts giving us the same Love and Truth that flows within Her.


The time is here, we have arrived at a pivotal time in history, and the army must be ready, the trumpet of the Holy Angels of Mary are sounding and calling us to a deeper abandonment.   I ask you to contemplate the words of Saint Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2 v. 11.


When the wicked one is revealed, the Lord will slay him with the breath of His mouth, and destroy him with His brightness and those that did not love the truth will be sent a deception that they may believe falsehood.“















GOD’S HIDDEN JUDGMENT. AUGUSTINE: We can recount many other events clearly showing that from a hidden judgment of God comes perversity of heart, with the result that refusal to hear the truth leads to commission of sin, and this sin is also punishment for preceding sin. For to believe a lie and not believe the truth is indeed sin, but it comes from the blindness of heart which by a hidden but just judgment of God is also punishment for sin. We see this also in what the apostle says to the Thessalonians, “For they have not received the love of truth, that they might be saved. Therefore God sends them a misleading influence that they may believe falsehood.” AGAINST JULIAN 5.3.12.


ORTHODOX CONFESSION. JOHN OF DAMASCUS: One should know that the Antichrist must come. Antichrist, to be sure, is everyone who does not confess that the Son of God came in the flesh, is perfect God and became perfect man while at the same time he was God. In a peculiar and special sense, however, he who is to come at the consummation of the world is called Antichrist. So, it is first necessary for the gospel to have been preached to all the Gentiles, as the Lord said, and then God shall proceed to the conviction of the impious Jews…. “Because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. Therefore God sends upon them a strong delusion, to let them believe what is false, so that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” THE ORTHODOX FAITH 4.26.


So many are walking this road of deception, refusing the Truth. Whomever is still reading this, please believe. We are the First Fruits of this new era to come, the new springtime, but we must obey and do as She asks for we too are subject to being deceived if we think that only “believing” is enough. For it is a constant state of being reborn within the Chambers of Her Heart that the we will be nurtured and prepared to live in the Heavenly Kingdom prepared for us by Her  Son if  He wills it for us.


Saint Peter also instructs us that many will come that are liars and create destructive sects teaching false  doctrines, (2 Peter 2 v 1-2)  Our first  Pontiff gives a serious warning to guard against wolves in sheep’s clothing and those who give a holy impression, who are eloquent in speech, but are empty and deceivers of the truth.


“But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there shall be among you lying teachers, who shall bring in sects of perdition, and deny the Lord who bought them: bringing upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their riotousness, through whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.”




On False Teachers and Their Heresies:


KNOWN FROM THEIR CONDUCT. DIDACHE: Not everyone who speaks in the spirit is a prophet, but only if he follows behaviorally in the path of the Lord. Accordingly, from their conduct the false prophet and the true prophet will be known. DIDACHE 11.8.


DENYING THE MASTER WHO BOUGHT THEM. HILARY OF ARLES: It is typical of false teachers that they cannot accept the full equality of the persons of the Trinity. INTRODUCTORY COMMENTARY ON 2 PETER.


FALSE PROPHETS AROSE. ANDREAS: Peter says this so that people will not just listen to everyone who claims to be a prophet, without discerning whether they really are or not. He tells them to be careful not to listen to false prophets instead of the true ones. CATENA


 And again, in the midst of evil, destruction, and perversity comes Mary purist virgin beckoning us to be The Warriors of Her Holy Sword.  It is She who will create the waters of Divine Mercy within us, and push us through the flood gates to His Most Holy and Divine Will. It is through Mary that we will be immersed in the Mercy of Her Son to be born anew into the new life of Our Father’s Most Holy and Divine Will.

St. Paul

12th century icon of the embrace of St-Peter and St-Paul. According to tradition, the two saints embraced before being executed.

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