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June 5, 2017, Feast of St. Boniface

Daughters of the Lamb I am here to tell you of My love, not only for you but for all My children.  Please listen now with your heart. Here are My words for you to live the life I want you to live dedicated to Me, always in union with the Father through My Spirit and always within My heart.  This prayer that I give you will bring you closer to Me and I will allow you to feel My presence and hear My voice.  


I am here, it is I Jesus, I see you in my heart, I want you here for me.  All that you have given to me I am now doing for you.  You are using My love to help others, all I can do is use You and You will use me, so we can save souls.  All you children are Mine, I will give to you My Divine Will. Together we will make one way for all to come to Me.  Yes, I will be one with you... Jesus your Crucified King †


Prayer given by Jesus to pray before the daily rosary

Jesus I am here, I am here with you ready to pray, make me one with you.

May You come Jesus to the earth where I am looking for You

You are in my heart and I am seeking you.

No one knows how much I need You,  I am seeking You Jesus and I am here for You.

Here I am, I am finding You, may You come to me and I will take You into my heart and there we will make our lives together as one.

Yes I will be one with You.


Preface:  The above prayer will allow you to be open to receive spiritual gifts that Jesus wants to give each of you, and this will help to mitigate chastisements.  Jesus has said at some point His children will be able to hear Him speak audibly like you hear one another speak and many will want to know this prayer and others during the chastisements.  Even though you do not see Him you will feel His presence when you say His prayers and He will respond to you as you fuse yourself into His Divine Will, for He is with you and He loves each of you. So please, spread His prayers that are given.


Also remember, Jesus is watching all His children and wants all to continue praying in His Divine Will.

May 26, 2017,  Marian Shrine

Feast of Saint Philip Neri

I am asking all my children to pray for America, for this country that is consecrated to My Mother.  She waits for Her children to come back to Me one by one.  Now My children your country is in danger of losing its sovereignty and this will come to be if you do not pray for the conversion of hearts.  


The day has come My children when man will turn on man, you will witness a great chastisement upon this country and it comes soon, far from a Northern country that will attempt to bring down your people and its nation's sovereignty.  I will allow this if My people do not turn back to Me.  I ask now all My children to pray the prayer of My Divine Love given to My daughter Luisa in the past.  This prayer (below) is to be prayed from the heart everyday and I will listen to the prayers of My faithful children who beg Me to avert this chastisement.  And if enough prayers are given to Me, then I will prevent this from happening.  To you My children, Fiat!


Jesus your Crucified King  



Below is the prayer requested by Jesus to be prayed everyday by all children to prevent this chastisement from happening.  Please open your heart and God will prevail.



by Luisa Piccarreta

O Eternal and inaccessible Supreme Will of my Eternal Love, prostrate before You I get lost in You. Your Immensity envelopes me, overwhelms me, annihilates me.  But at the same time it lifts me up to Your Throne and restores my life, New Life, unchanging and holy—the Life of the Will of my Jesus in whose center I find, as in one point, past, present and future. O, yes, I find the Supreme Will creating, that in all the things that It creates, It sends me Love.  But It awaits the exchange from every creature.


And I, on behalf of the entire human family, from the first to the last creature, I take from this unfathomable Will the love of each of them and I enter into every creating act, into every twinkle of the stars, into every ray of sunlight, into every breath of wind, into every drop of water, into every plant and animal.  And then I enter into every heartbeat of every heart, into every word, step, work, thought, glance.  And filling all with love, I go before the Supreme Majesty, to give Them the exchange of love of all created things.


O, sweet and most powerful Will, immense Will from which everything comes forth and nothing escapes, I come to place at Your Most Holy feet the love of all.  I come to harmonize together with created love. Ah yes, I exchange You in love for all, my voice harmonizing over all and in all.  And making this voice eternal, so that it multiplies to infinity in every moment, I will always say to You:  “I love You, I love You, I love You”.  I will seal all with the created love, so there will be nothing said or done that is not sealed with my love.


Jesus, according to Your Eternal Will, I enter into the first instant of Your Conception, into Your every heartbeat, thought and breath, into Your every movement, prayer and pain that You suffered in the Maternal Womb, into Your every moan, tear and difficulty of your childhood, into every step, work and word of Your mortal life.  I enter into Your Most Holy Will, into the immense Sea of Your Passion, into every drop of Your Blood, into every wound, into every insult and contempt, into every thorn, slap and sputum.  I unite myself in the pains that You suffered on the Cross, in the burning thirst, in the bitterness of gall, and in Your reparations and satisfactions, up to Your last breath.  And together with all generations and in the name of all, I enter into Your unending Will in which all are contained.  And so in a Divine way I come to give You the exchange of love, to give You reparation for repairing.  And I sink into the abyss of Your Will and I adore every drop of Your Blood, I kiss every wound, I bless, praise and thank You for Your every Act.  In Your Will You have given me everything, and in Your Will I exchange You for everyone and everything.


My Love, let us join together the Creating FIAT, the Redeeming FIAT and my FIAT in Your Will.  Let us make of them one alone—the one disappearing in the other—so that You may have complete love, everlasting glory, Divine adoration, blessings and eternal praises, from creation and from Your FIAT VOLUNTAS TUA (Your Will be done) on earth as It is in Heaven.


Heavenly Queen, Divine Mama, You who had Primacy over the Divine Will, spread Your blue mantle, and in the immensity of the Eternal Will envelope all creatures, sealing their foreheads with the Seal of the Divine Will, so that all may Live the Life of the Divine Will on earth, in order to pass into Your Maternal Womb to Live of the Divine Will in Heaven. Amen.





May 25, 2017, Marian Shrine @ 6:15 pm

Feast of the Ascension of Our Lord

I am here for you My little ones, you are all so worried what the world will bring you tomorrow, instead of being worried if you are in a state of grace or not.  Do not let the world fool you.  I come when it is My time to come.  Do prepare the state of your soul.  


If you are taken tomorrow will you choose Heaven or hell?  


Yes, children which one will you choose?  


For your choice is whether you are in mortal sin or in a state of grace when you are taken home.  I ask you to come to Me and choose Heaven.  Be at peace if you are in a state of grace.  If not, you need to choose My Mercy, for you will then be given the grace to accept My Will in Heaven after you are purged in Purgatory.  Do not fear the Lord, but fear those who seek to destroy you by allowing you to see the world as your god.  Do not think I do not see you, for I see what you are doing.  Believe, for I know all souls and I see all things that are needed to be forgiven.  Be now at My door of Mercy, for I wait for you My children.


Jesus your Crucified King   


11/17/2016 Thursday at Marian Shrine, KY @ 4:38 pm

Feast day of St. Elizabeth — Princess of Hungary

As I sit in Adoration at the chapel a vision is given to me from God and I hear these words:


“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America

And to the Republic for which it stands

One Nation under God...”

(The original pledge was published on September 8th, 1892; by Francis Bellamy)


Mother Mary is present as Our Lady of Fatima, I am shown the outline of the United States of America and within this shape comes forth the stars and stripes of our nation’s patriotic flag, this is the symbol of our foundation in which Christ brought forth America.  Its colors of red and white represent His Divine Mercy and the blue is the mantle of the Mother of God, the white  stars represent each state within the United States and each one of these states is within the mantle of the Mother of God.  I see an enormous conversion of people through this representation of Mother Mary leading Her children to victory over sin.


Mother Mary:  The day has come My daughter when I will lead My children out of sin and into My Son’s arms with His Mercy.  We will fight and the battle will be won. Now is the time for My Immaculate Heart to reign, it will be at a time when all hope will seem lost, but My heart will prevail over evil and you will see the victory won. My child prepare now for battle, for I will send you out proclaiming God’s Kingdom is at hand, and all who wish to join the effort will be victorious.  The battle has begun and you will not be defeated; I will hold you up in this work obtaining souls for My Son. I am asking all My children willing to sacrifice their lives for this cause to bring forth the Kingdom of God.  My army will be great in number over satan, by the grace from God.  No one will be left out who wishes to follow My command and I will defeat satan and all his minions. You, My children will march with dignity, fairness and love in your hearts for God.  No war has ever been fought like this before.  You will be out-numbered  physically, but not spiritually for all of Heaven will be on your side and we will be victorious.

Mother Mary  


Jesus:  I am here My little one, it is I Jesus your Crucified King; I am with you child, be at peace knowing you are in My Will.


The months ahead will be hard, but you will be victorious with My Mother leading you.  Now I wish for you to begin this Solidarity Movement of Peace in unity with Truth, bringing forth MY Truth in a time of great trial.  The movement will begin with My Mother calling all Her children together asking for peace and unity conformed into one, to utilize all Her children in bringing forth the reign of Her Immaculate Heart.  Asking all Her children to put aside all their works as separate and working together in solidarity united as one fighting for the rights of all Her children, bringing them forth into Her heart.  This grace will set your country free once more and will bring about the consecration of Her Immaculate Heart to the world. I am asking all My children to put aside your differences and work for peace and truth, accepting all as one in unity with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


The communist reign of America is here now, you do not see it in full force yet, but it will be.  I want to save as many souls as I can before your country is attacked and My children need repentance.  My son Donald Trump is being used to save America from falling into the hands of the enemy; he will be used in a great way.


Now My people must understand that the only way to save America is through My Mother.  Her Role was given to America by My Father and She will reign as Queen for your country and express My great love that I have for My children through Her Immaculate Heart.  You will be entering into a new Revolution where man will triumph in the Heart of My Mother.


The repercussions of this work will be great — bear witness to My Truth and depend solely on Me and all will be given.  Trust, My daughter, Trust.

Jesus your Crucified King  

2/2/2016 Tuesday Marian Shrine, KY @ 9:15 am

Feast of the Presentation

My daughter I am present it is I Jesus, be still a moment and listen...be at peace I am with you.
I am here children, I am with you...be at peace My little ones and TRUST.  Do not fear the coming days for all will take place as I have foretold.  You will be tested by your faith and you will need Me to survive the coming days.  A great spiritual darkness is about to take over the earth and I have allowed this because of man’s sin.  You will witness much hardship, disaster and even starvation.  Your country (USA) has never seen or witnessed this before and now I will allow it.
Remember you were founded on God as a Christian nation and you have allowed yourselves to become an ANTI-CHRISTIAN ruling nation.  Now you will see the repercussions of becoming an ANTI-CHRISTIAN ruling nation.  Your laws prohibit Me from your work, your schools, your markets and even your house (government) where your laws are made.  The words of TRUTH will soon be made known to you and some will die at the sight of this TRUTH, as your sins will be revealed.  Make no mistake America you are now a Godless nation - a nation built on self and the world, for you will soon see the fall and your bricks will not rebuild.
I have said it, so be it, prepare for the turning of your world in a direction that will not be by God, only by your sins has this come to be.  I leave you with these words today My children and you will see the coming days as of Noah, a darkness will cover the earth like the water in the flood.  Who will survive as Noah did? Only those faithful to Me and allow themselves to be carried within the Ark of My Mother - within Her Holy and Divine Heart.  Be ready for it has begun!
Jesus your Crucified King  
Mother Mary:  Today child the words come to you as true, prepare.  My Son has declared this and it is so.  Remember that all things can be mitigated by prayer and fast; yes this will help lessen the chastisement.  

For I will help My children prepare.  This day children a purification - a declaration of oneself in total abandonment, must be made; not just when we want something or need to fill our heart of self with God, but a total dedication as a life offering - everyday till death.



11/2/2015 Monday at Marian Shrine, KY @ 8:54 am
Feast of the Holy Souls in Purgatory

As I was praying and contemplating in Adoration a vision came into my thoughts.  I was kneeling before Mother Mary in prayer and a flame came forth from my heart which penetrated into Her chest, this flame went forth from Her Heart to the heavens and then from the heavens back to the earth, which then encircled back to My heart.  It was a circle or ring of fire, one continuous flame.  I came to the understanding that when a soul prays from the heart to our Mother Mary She receives this prayer within Her Heart and is received in Heaven with grace.  After receiving the grace it then comes down to the earth for souls and then returns back to the soul in prayer for more prayers to be given to our Mother.  A continuous flame of love and mercy.  
Today child on this feast of My holy souls in purgatory a great multitude have been released into the heavens, by your prayers and the prayers of many others.  This feast is a reminder to souls that one day they too will enter into purgation of their sins.  You, My daughter must remember these souls are there for you as well in prayer for your mission.  It is a continuous cycle of grace that is given once prayers are offered to My Mother, then brought forth to the heavens and then graces are released back into the atmosphere of life for souls - child believe.  The one whom is given much - much more is expected of that soul to obtain grace for other souls.
Luke 12:48  Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more.  Jesus 
Mother Mary: The Daughters of the Lamb, My daughter is of a significant amount of grace; this grace is used for souls in redemption - to obtain Heaven for souls.  My children need this for they are dying in a state of mortal sin, they need My Son's Mercy to obtain salvation - they need Me to help them.  I wish for you to propagate this work  of SAVING SOULS and in mitigating one’s suffering by obtaining grace through prayer and penance, having masses said specifically for this cause (I will explain later).  
Today child, My Daughters of the Lamb are ready to receive this abundance of grace to pursue in the cause of Salvation for Souls.  And on this day I bequeath to you My grace, to be given to all who wish to give their lives to Me in total consecration of this apostolate.  All who will sign and date this Covenant from Heaven (click link below) will be given an abundance of grace in this mission of Saving Souls.  They will be weaved within My mantle of grace for souls, in protection of the evils of the world and will be brought before the altar of grace to receive their armor of protection from Saint Michael;  to prepare them in this spiritual battle for souls, all will be given.
TRUST My child I am with you and all who give themselves to Me in this covenant of Love and Mercy will be placed within the Divine Wound of My Heart.  Prepare child for the battle has begun and all will be accomplished within My heart.


Your Mother of Mercy and Love all from within the wound of My Divine heart …

*      *      *
Children in Christ, we are all children in Christ!  

God has called us by name in the womb and wishes for us to follow Him.  Now it is up to us to say ‘Yes’ to Christ and follow Him.  Christ is asking all His children to abandon  themselves to Him; to do so by a covenant in Christ with His Mother Mary leading us to victory in this spiritual battle of evil in the world.  Our ‘Yes’ will symbolize our desire to serve, but our name written in covenant will symbolize total consecration to Mary Mother of God.
Mary is asking that we commit our lives to the 9 Directives of Heaven in service to Her and God.  This covenant will be written in Heaven within the hearts of Jesus and Mary, accomplishing God's Divine Will and will allow us to receive the graces needed for the salvation of mankind.  So please look into your heart and say ‘Yes’ to God, as we walk by faith to accomplish the Divine Will of God in the Salvation of Souls.

Daughter of the Lamb