The Community of the Benedictine Daughters 

of the Lamb of the Divine Wound

Messages & prayer given to Daughter of the Lamb & A Daughter of the Divine Will


Today I wish to announce to all those who have allowed Jesus and Mary to guide them to the truth and to this apostolate of mercy, the Daughters of the Lamb of the Immaculate Conception, after four years of prayer, sacrifice and following Mother Mary's  9 Directives from Heaven, we have been given a great gift from Heaven.  God has opened the doors wide for His mercy to be given and His grace to flow by forming a religious community of men and women, the Benedictine Daughters of the Lamb of the Divine Wound.  This community of love will be formed within God's most holy and Divine Will all for the greater glory of God and for the salvation of souls.  Jesus has given two messages below and a special prayer for this new community and has asked that we take time to seek His Will and pray for this community of love.  More information will be given at a later time.  


Thank you for the many prayers and sacrifices given for this apostolate of mercy.  May the Spirit of Christ be with you always!


March 6, 2016  Sunday, Marian Shrine, KY @ 3:53 pm

To Daughter of the Lamb:  The day has come My children all is within My most holy and Divine Will in this community of love. I am writing this to you My little ones who will by My prayer warriors of faith within My Divine Will.  You will administer this prayer to My children to awaken their souls and prepare for the coming of My Kingdom - within this community of love.  I am speaking of My Benedictine Daughters of the Lamb of the Divine Wound, My men and women who will be consecrated to this religious community within My holy and Divine Will.  They will be placed within the Divine Wound of My Mother's pierced heart - Her Sorrowful Heart full of love and grace all for My children.  I wish for each one of you to begin praying for this community of love which will be approved by My Catholic Church.  All will be given in grace for My laity and religious who will support this work in saving souls.


Jesus your Crucified King


March 1, 2016

To A Daughter of the Divine Will:  My dearest children, My little lambs.  I come to you today to tell you how happy I am, how pleased I am with all of you who pray and try to keep yourselves always in a state of grace, so that someday I may place on your heads a crown of gold which will reflect all the virtues you have attained on earth, and reflect all the love I have placed within you. None of you My children, no one, can acquire the crown of Heaven without Me, for it is through Me, Jesus Christ your Savior, that all virtue comes forth from My heart to yours.


I am so proud of you, My little ones, you are all so very close to Me, some of you I know say ‘Where is Jesus, I do not feel him,’  I tell you I am always there, for you were all created through Me. The only object of separation between you and I is mortal sin, this is a great chasm that would come between us. But, no fear, if you repent with your whole heart, and are sincere in your efforts not to sin again, all graces are restored, and that crown still sits in the palm of My hand waiting to crown you when you enter Heaven. You are My special children.


Please, please pray always for your brothers and sisters who are lost and far away, for this is your mission My Sons and Daughters of the Lamb, it is to SAVE SOULS, first and foremost. I am calling all, all My children to this Mission of Mercy, “Be merciful for I am merciful” My children; I call all, for this is a calling of a true Christian, to be a witness of My love and mercy. These lost children of Abraham, will receive an abundance of Mercy through you if you allow Me to work through you. Please continue your prayers and increase them whenever you can.


Now, My little lambs, I desire you increase your prayers for a gift I want to give the world; My gift, another path to My heart. This will come into fruition if you answer this call. My children, your Jesus waits for your co-operation in furthering the Kingdom. This new Benedictine community is of Me, but I need My Warriors to pray every day, I need you My children, your prayers will serve as precious gemstones for the foundation of this community.  If you do so, your names will be written in the heart of the Father for all who accept My request from their hearts and pray for this cause, and I will increase the desire in you to do so. If you say ‘Yes’, you will have begun the journey, and no matter what happens, even if I take your life before the establishment of the community, you will receive the same graces none the less. This community is of My Mercy and My Divine Will. Be brave My little ones, for your Father will bring peace into chaos if you allow Him to, peace throughout your entire being. The way to peace my children is through prayer, union with Me, there is no other way. Please pray from your hearts, I desire all those who are My Lambs and Warriors, especially you to be part and parcel of this foundation.  For you have been called by Me. Amen.

 †      †      †      †      †      †

A prayer given by Jesus to pray every day for the new community. First please begin with this St. Michael prayer:

Saint Michael the Archangel, with your light, illuminate us;

Saint Michael the Archangel with your wings, protect us;

Saint Michael with your sword, defend us in the Divine Will;

 Pierce us with your sword of truth.


Come Holy Spirit. Inebriate my total being. Open my heart so I may hear Your inspirations

and groaning’s within me……


“..for we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groaning’s too deep for words…” Romans 8:23

 †      †      †      †      †      †

Prayer given by Jesus to recite (printable copies below):


Holy Father I come to You on bended knee, in humble adoration before Your most awesome presence in Your Most Holy and Divine Will to ask You to admit me into Your Kingdom, so I may be an instrument to bring Your Kingdom to earth.   Place me deep within Your heart, breathe in me Your very breath, flow Your blood through my veins and place in me Your very life so Your Kingdom will be brought forth through me.


Make me Your altar of sacrifice so that Your fire and love will burn in me, Your fire of love will burn in me now and throughout all eternity.


Make me a mirror of Yourself to be a holy prism of light, and create in me Your ocean of mercy, so that Your Kingdom of the Divine Will will flow through every human being as a river of light.  Let our heartbeats be as one, our breath as one, and love from Your heart fill me in every moment of my life from this moment forward.  Father it is Your Divine Will that desires that the Kingdom come.  United in prayer with every heart of good will, all the angels, all the souls in purgatory, and those not yet born, I implore that You allow the  Benedictine Daughters of the Lamb of the Divine Wound,  of religious and laity be born, let it come, let it come to life.  Let it come forth from Your heart and become flesh upon the earth.  Allow the divine graces to be released, so that this place of holiness and love will be the fruit of our love for You, because it is the fruit of Your love for us.  For we love You because You loved us first.  Thank You Father.  I praise You for this most precious gift, and for allowing me to be a building block in your Kingdom on earth.…      …      …      …      …      …

 †      †      †      †      †      †

“Oh Mother grant that my heart may be a living Host, consecrated and transformed into Him, in such a way that I may be ciborium, tabernacle, and continuous life of love and offering in sacrifice with Jesus Himself “  taken from Luisa Piccarreta

Luisa Piccarreta and St. Hannibal D'Francia Pray for us!

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be


 †      †      †      †      †      †


Jesus has requested that the following scripture passage be meditated on. “Blessed are those who have not seen but believed.”   John 20:27


He teaches about this passage:


“If My children believe with the eyes of their hearts they will truly see and come to believe. Faith comes from the invisible, the substance of the Holy Spirit. Faith is the marrow of your bones, the food of the martyrs, and the strength of the penitents. With faith all things are possible: ALL things. My children, you must pray from the spiritual eyes of the heart with FAITH. Ask Me for the gift of faith, and I will give it to you. If you pray with faith, you will see the Kingdom within manifest materially. The Kingdom is within you My children, you be Children of My Will. Always, look within, there I reside.”